and because he’s not ridiculed enough…

Helio “cantturnrightnever” is on Dancing with the Stars this season. He makes his dancing premiere tonight. PVR set.

See… the thing is… when you get these “sports figures” to participate in these things, it’s usually a question of whether these “manly” men are going to be able to soften up enough and show their not so masculine side whilst prancing about on the stage. (perhaps they should have enlisted Manica instead) This is not going to be an issue for Helio. I’d be more surprised to see him on “Boxing with the Stars” or “Working with heavy machinary with the Stars”. Nuff said. The hilarity ensues tonight. Tune in for the first few episodes. This thing is a popularity contest, and since no one besides the folks at Trackforum and those who wade through the darkside (and just “happened to be flipping the channels”) on paperfanatics… er “crapwagon” know who the hell he is, he will be turfed right away.


3 responses to “and because he’s not ridiculed enough…

  1. Don’t you have to be a start to begin with to be on these shows?

  2. oh, i get it, he was the one dancing with a star! LO!

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