a rant just cuz…

Polishing a turd… but he does it so well… I swear, he has a PHD in Propaganda with an agenda undergrad.

speaking of agendas… just what is his sudden love affair with Oriol? “he’s the perfect star. and a marketable guy for champ car”. bwahaha… ya right. Nothing against Oriol, but come on… they can’t even market their 3 time champion let alone some guy from Catalonia. Guess it just chaps his ass that PT is still there and as popular as ever (especially after his last column at Autosport) despite his (,,) and PG’s best efforts. Sucks to be you asswipes.

Of course you do all realize that if FCR decides to field a 3rd car (which they are likely already considering) that commatard is going to take credit for it. Or rather he’ll take credit for “leading the true believers to follow his example and support the series, blah blah blah…” whatever… guy makes me wanna puke.

And where is that “truth” he was going to seek out regarding Ryan & PCM? Why doesn’t Ryan get a petition for a 3rd car?? Ryan was his poster child not so long ago, now…? nuthing… poof… nada. Anyone who has met them knows that Ryan is infinitely more marketable than Oriol. Where’s the love???

My favorite line from todays “real stuff” reports from Sebring (or as they’re really titled: “I’m here, you’re not, nyah nyah!”)

One can see that in spite of all things they are pushing hard to make all things better. Now if we could just get more fans emulating that , Wish you were there, well some of you anyway, paper

Nice swipe at the fanbase jackass. I really hope that the powers that be at CC don’t share his attitude towards the fans.


5 responses to “a rant just cuz…

  1. Sadly, true racers are not neccesarilly marketable. Some of the most likeable and marketable drivers really suck. Such is life. My “give-a-shitter” is seriously broke.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot, why do you read his shit anyway Meesh? Don’t let him get under your skin.

  3. lol.. true dat. That said, sometimes you get lucky and find talent, personality and marketability. (Patreek comes to mind) It’s just funny (sad) how a driver’s worth is somehow quantified by that and used as some sort of one-up-manship against another.

    As for his shit… I avoid it most of the time, (or read it for a good belly laugh at it’s absurdity) This time I made the mistake of clicking a link which lead me to this dreck when I was already in a bad mood. He’s not under my skin, no worries darlin.

    “my give-a-shitter is seriously broke” OMG… too fucking funny. I believe there are many “give-a-shitters” on back order and at repair shops around the auto racing fanbase world.
    I fluctuate between frustration and “fuck it” lately. I guess as long as it makes me angry they haven’t lost me as a fan yet. But other hobbies are starting to look more appealing… know what I mean?

    Hang in there friend. Hopefully we’ll share a frosty beverage on the circuit somewhere next season.

  4. Indifference is sublime.

  5. Sadly, I’m going to start becoming indifferent, as it’s just to fucking frustrating to actually care anymore.

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