Good thing he’s washed up…

Paul takes a little hobby moment to entertain himself during the seven month break between races, and it’s big news! Yup, this “nobody” should just hang up his helmet and leave Champ Car to make room for all the “stars” waiting in the wings. (ya, I’m biased, whatever… sue me)

Admittedly, I’d prefer that he go sailing rather than take one of these monsters out for a spin, but he has a month to recover from whatever bumps and bruises he acquires, so fuck it. Go enjoy yourself Paul!

oh, and here is how you do an interview:

You’ll notice he is personable, honest, and mentions his sponsors and the series that pays his rent several times. Kudos.

Elsewhere in racing this weekend… James Hinchcliffe makes his 2007 A1GP debut at Zandervoort, and the series with a bigger black eye than Champ Car at the moment races in Japan (1am EST Sunday morning)

And with that, I’m outta here for the weekend.

cheers kids!


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