Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

lol… couldn’t resist.

So apparently PT finished 5th yesterday. (whoohoo!) No word yet on todays races.
Hinch got punted with 5 laps to go, and DNF’d in his first outing in A1GP.

Japan was a washout, literally. Holy crap, what a mess. While I know the results, I didn’t get to actually see the end as my DVR stopped on the final fucking lap. :bangsheadondesk: So, I’m dvr’ing it again so I can watch the last lap and the post race interviews. grrrrrrr. (oh, but yay Lewis!)

I’m sure there is a Nascar race on somewhere, but I’m not watching. (of course from the sounds of it, if I want to see any Canadian drivers next year, besides PT, I’m going to have to start watching)

More in my thought bubble today, but don’t feel like posting about it just yet.

Happy Sunday y’all.


5 responses to “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

  1. From previous blogs here, yes, Miller is right, and is it not funny to see more and more of his former detractors admit it, and, if the banquet is here, by God we sure as hell will have a few brewskis!

    Here is a funny question: if the owners pull the plug, will they bother with a banquet?

  2. Indeed.

    Indeed!! As soon as I know the details I will start figuring out the travel logistics. Seeing Indy for the first time with Indy… how fun will that be?!

    Who knows. I would think they will go through the motions of “normal” for a while longer.

  3. Where was PT driving when he finished 5th? Sorry, I’ve been out of the racing scene for the most part as of late. Trying to stay away from CCWS until a race actually occurs.

    I have been watching F1 though. Go Lewis! I hope Alonso goes back to Renault and Rosberg moves over to McLaren.

  4. oh, a CORR race in Chula Vista, CA. Crazy off roading thingy. Insane. But he sounds like he had fun, so that’s cool.

    Ya, been watching F1 too. I feel bad for Lewis, because his championship (should he win it this year) will always have an asterisk beside it. Yup, definitely needs to be some driver swapping next season.

  5. Alonso is a freaking rat!!!

    Just wanted to say that.

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