Another one bites the dust…

Sure glad I don’t play any sort of pickems or driver/car pool to do with CCWS…

So after sitting out half a year, then being used as the poster boy for the euro races, Jan Heylen is being tossed aside at Conquest for the last two races in exchange for “mystery driver” #3. Big secret, to be announced Wednesday. Of course if you go to James Winslow’s website sponsor page, , you will see that the new sponsor that Conquest announced this morning (and that was on the livery of the car during Winslows testing at Sebring) is at the top of the list of his sponsors. Big mystery solved me thinks.

So, tell me… why in heaven’s name would you want to race in this series when you could be tossed aside on a whim at any point in the season. Where is your motivation to perform for yourself, the team or the series?

I can’t even get outraged at this point because I’m not surprised in the least. In fact I expect more shuffling. How sad is that.

At least when there are driver’s shuffles in F1 and Nascar, they stay in the series, they just go to different teams.

What a shitty state of affairs. Thanks for that podium finish Jan! See ya around!


3 responses to “Another one bites the dust…

  1. Soon the champion will be the one who has a ride the longest. Sad!

  2. no shit huh? very sad indeed.

  3. It will be worse next year, with owners still intent on paying off their DP01’s and sponsorship at flat nothing. This series has gone from heavily rent-a-ride to rent-a-series and all of the rides in it.

    If N-H-L leaves, all pretense of professionalism will be gone.

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