and the winner is…

What: Champ Car World Series team Conquest Racing will be announcing its new driver lineup

Who: Nelson Philippe, the new driver of the #34 entry

When: Wednesday, October 3 – 4:00 p.m. London time

(um… what’s the point of the announcement if you announce it in the announcement announcement??… just a thought…)

Oh yes, and for those keeping score, Robin Miller was right… AGAIN. 😉

This series is truly skitzo. It’s like a fucking crap shoot who we will be rooting for in a couple of weeks. Hell at this point I’m not 100% convinced that Paul will be driving. He could decide to give someone else a shot since the actual points and championship standings apparently mean nothing to anyone at this point. (other than maybe Seabass)


7 responses to “and the winner is…

  1. I hear Juan Caceres and Fabrizio Del Monte might be interested!

    Seriously, nothing against Nelson, but this is ridiculous.

  2. it is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous I have to “objectively” write about it for the site tomorrow. Gah!

    Nelson should have been in the car since April. What is the fucking point of throwing him in a car with two races to go, and unseating a driver who worked his ass off to get there in the process.

    Apparently if you slag the series and act like you’re better than it, you will eventually be gifted with a ride.

    I really wish this season would just fucking end already.

  3. I have no idea how the SCCA works, but changing drivers throughout the year based on each particular set of races being run makes the series seem very amateurish.

    Where do I go to cast my vote of no confidence in the series? The sick part is that I can clearly see the steps that the IRL could take to once and for all bury CCWS. Sad days these are.

  4. Frightening isn’t it? Any other year, I would take all of the silly season rumour mongering to be just that. Silly rumours. But this year… I’m afraid where there is smoke there is fire.

    On the bright side, should the unthinkable happen, we wouldn’t have to explain what “Champ Car” is… Indy and Indycar could go back into the vernacular lessening the confusion once and for all. I only hope they go with our actual car if the series do merge.

    I don’t btw, see it happening next year. They will continue to drag the carcass around the country (and world) for another year, shouting “it’s only a flesh wound” while we all shake our heads and begrudgingly profess our loyalty… despite knowing better…

  5. They should form a two division series with a championship runoff at the end. CCWS can become the World division with the IRL being the NA division. Run twelve races per division with doubling up at Long Beach and one other race. All teams are eligible to compete at Indy as a bonus race (money only). Each team/car must run in two of the other divisions races. These are to be determined prior to the season. At the end the top drivers or teams from each division compete in a runoff of 6 to 8 races. If the non-qualifying teams want to race then those teams race in a separate undercard race.

    CCA runs with the World Division. IPS runs with the NA series. Have the same sort of runoff at the end, but shorten it to 4 races. Of course similar equipment would be required.

    Both are sucking bum right now, so if the only way to fix the sport is to combine them then for the love of God man – combine them. NASCAR is about to steam roll both. I’m not even sure that F1 will be able to stand up to NASCAR.

  6. Oh, you mean like all the other professional sporting organizations in NA?? (Baseball, Hockey, Football, etc… etc…)

    fuck that makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE!! (actually, I really really like that idea…)

    too bad it doesn’t play into the penis measuring and pissing contests that both series are currently engaged in and using as their mandate.

    You know why CCA is so successful? There is a woman at the helm. Period. Case closed.

  7. Perhaps you’re right….


    The sick thing is that there are so many emerging markets and existing markets under served by racing that the two should have to compete at all. If they were one they could provide more racing to more fans. This is the mentality of NASCAR, which is why they are going to kick F1’s ass. F1 is all about exclusivity, which is great until people get tired of the game. Could it be that the merger between the two weak series provides the best opportunity for the longevity of open wheel racing? Kind of messed up considering how pathetic both are right now, but IMO it’s by far the best solution

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