viva Lost Vegas…

and the spin machine ramps up again…

Those of us with half a brain saw this coming months ago. Of course KK and Co. are going to end up buying this one too. (if they decide to keep it or the series going)

But what I really love is that people still blame the promoters for the cancellation of the Phoenix race… yup… keep telling yourselves that kids…


2 responses to “viva Lost Vegas…

  1. My tendency is to put a good amount of blame on NASCAR, but the CCWS suckage can’t be ignored either. Poor strategy is what it really comes down to. The fly found a spoton the plate to land but in the end it was squashed due to Bubba’s annoyance.

  2. Really, why buy it? Streets courses are a dead end, outside of a few fabled venues. Even Toronto seems to be slipping away. What the series needs is to recognize that it is small and unimportant, and begin to rebuild from the grass roots by running real cars on real race tracks and attracting loyal fans.

    Ah, but I am dreaming, am I not? They will stick with running fake cars on fake tracks to pretend CCWS means anything to anybody anymore. And then be perplexed that sponsors and fans don’t come out of the woodwork for something that ICS does better domestically and approximately thirty-seven feeder series do better overseas.

    “CHAMP” Car. The series is a mockery of the name.

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