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KK, GF, and company saved Champ Car due, in no small part, to a fervently loyal fan base. If that fan base turns on the Champ Car leadership, what is the incentive to continue?
Just something to think about when critiquing Champ Car.

ya… that’s the ticket. Blame the fans.

And of course the usual suspects chime in to reinforce that sentiment and add the threatening tone of “we are finding out who is who, we see who you are”. First of all, who is this ‘we’ , and second of all, when you’re taking names for your hit list, make sure to spell mine correctly with one L you fuckwads.

here’s something to think about…

it’s be 4 FUCKING YEARS of loyalty, and turning a blind eye, and unconditional support for the series and the men who saved it, no matter what! If some folks are starting to get a little fucking pissed off at the Barnum and Bailey routines, it’s not a big surprise now is it?

I’ll tell you what, if this thing called Champ Car “fails” or ceases to exist, it sure as HELL won’t be because of some perceived lack of loyalty on the part of the fanbase, or because people voiced their opinions on some obscure fucking fan forums on the internet and it hurt the feelings of some multi billionaires enough to pack up their toys and go home.
As John Stossel would say, give me a fucking break.


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