better hide your hardcard Mr. Phillips…

Let’s see . . . one Champ Car partner/team owner spent a critical few weeks in the off-season “communing with penguins” while another hasn’t been to a race since Houston. The other two merged their teams then divided them – all in the course of six months. Meanwhile the folks they put in place to run Champ Car while they attended to more important matters have failed to secure a series sponsor, presided over a series that saw three of 17 scheduled races canceled (not to mention San Jose for ‘08) and has fewer regular starters than it had in its first year of operation. As the non-billionaires make the tough decisions that have to be made to run their teams like a business, it would be nice if the billionaires and their minions ran Champ Car like a business as well.

baBAM! That’s gonna leave a mark…

Here is the rest for your entertainment…

oooh… there’s gonna be some dizzy folks out there today with all the ensuing spinning that is about to begin…


10 responses to “better hide your hardcard Mr. Phillips…

  1. Great article. Spot on.

  2. Spot on all right, but at this point, what is the difference? Miller tells the truth, and he is lynched. Kirby tells the truth, and he is persona non grata. So now Phillips tells the truth, but, really, is there anything left to expose? I am surprised any of them bother to cover CC at all anymore.

    (Woops, sorry Tim, if you are reading this. I didn’t mean to depress any billionaires! )

  3. bwhahahahaha… nice final sentence!! *spit take on that one*

    The thing is that Phillips was actually still attempting to be positive within the article by perpetuating the myth that NHL actually has legitimate sponsorship… *cough* right *cough*

    So now that the original 3 amigos of OW motorsports journalists are all dumpster fodder, should we start a pool for when the new positive poster boy Malsher makes the fatal error of speaking the truth?

  4. Ah Meesh, I hope that you are not writing under the alias of Mr. Phillips these days. BTW, I trust that you will be in Surfers next week!!! Hope all is well.

  5. Oi Mate! LOL!
    Nope, Mr. Phillips is pissed off and speaking out all on his own…

    I WISH I was in Surfer’s Next week. Ugh. That’s my “someday” race. Hopefully by the time my “someday” comes around, the series will still be up and running. (I was going to go with thriving, but that’s pushing it right now…)

    I’ll be cheering for Will for sure! Would love to see him take his home race after the mugging he got last year courtesy of Seabass.

    Will be reading your coverage of the weekend. Hey, get me a good scoop will ya?!


  6. What! There’s more races? I thought the season ended in Europe.

  7. lol… seems that way doesn’t it. I’m not even excited at this point. sad.

  8. Amazingly, the reaction over in paperfanatics is relatively tame. In fact, most people are accepting and agreeing with Phillips (except for the longer necked ostriches). I don’t know whether that is good or bad… 😦

  9. I must admit that less than two weeks ago even I was a little “Oh that’s right there is a race in Surfers soon”. However I am getting psyched now and have an interview with Simon – same style as the Will article – all ready to be published. Will keep ya posted, and let’s hope we get a couple of positive stories out of the Champcar fold real soon.

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