how bout thinking about this…

Just because “tickets are on sale”, don’t think that the event is set in stone… Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they were selling tickets to Phoenix for quite a while before it went tits up. In fact some people got a lovely cap in place of the race they purchased tickets for, which were “on sale” for an event that was “on the schedule” for almost a year. Nothing is set in stone kids.

I love how in addition to blaming fans for the potential demise of CC as we know it, people are now hassling folks who aren’t willing to shell out their hard earned cash to renew or purchase race tickets to 2008 events. I’d be curious to see the scanned in receipts of the ticket purchases they’ve all made for next year.

I’m not booking anything in advance like I did last year. (hell, two of the races I had on my wish list are gone now anyway, with another one on life support…) Which means I will take a hit financially, which means I will go to less events next year, which means less money I will contribute throughout the circuit. And that’s just me. Think of the thousands of others that are in the same situation, making the same decision. Torn between just wanting to be a fan and the logical part of their beings not wanting to end up with egg on their face and a drawer full of useless race/plane tickets and hotel booking penalties. Hell, from the sounds of it, half the fucking races are going to be in Europe at this rate, which already cuts down on the races I will be attending anyway. If I wanted to follow a european series, I would go to F1 races.

I’m so sick of being made to feel bad and guilty, not to mention embarrassed, to be a Champ Car fan.


One response to “how bout thinking about this…

  1. I am more excited to go to a Brewer game than for Champ Car. Coming from me that is really saying something. I mean I miss baseball more than Champ Car right now, and I’ve always been a hardcore CC fan. We’ve been saying this for years, but perhaps next season will be better…

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