well… looks like I’ll be going to Montreal next year


So that makes Ranger, Patreek, Jacques, Dario, Juan, Tags (most likely) between the CDN and US napcar versions.

4 French CDN drivers … that place will be off the hook with energy.

I really can’t see myself watching any of the oval races (which are real snores) but I will tune in to the road courses and maybe check out a couple. (MTL, Trois Rivieres, Mosport, maybe Edmonton)

Hey Stephen? You gonna join me?


14 responses to “well… looks like I’ll be going to Montreal next year

  1. Sure! I’ll probably do MTL again and i’ll show you around Trois-Rivières!

  2. sweet! We’ll have to drop in at Ziggy’s for a beer or 1o! LOL! (it’s downstairs from JV’s place)

  3. He’s on Crescent? Cool!

  4. Are y’all going to steal Andrew for me? 😉

  5. Well the Trois-Rivières paddock seems like the perfect place to do it next year. Why dont you join us and help!!!

  6. You’ll have to forgive me for feeling a little sick after reading these comments. For us (in the US), NASCAR is not some quaint foreign series, it is the monster that is destroying all that we once knew in racing. When any OW drivers I know go to NASCAR, they are dead to me.

    I hate to say it, but I think in five years NASCAR will be the only US racing export to Canada and Mexico.

  7. believe me, I felt a little queasy writing it.

    I refuse to watch the IRL as the racing is convoluted and the cars are butt ugly. And honestly, most of the blame for what is happening in open wheel racing in America, sits squarely in the laps of the folks participating there. (with a generous portion going to the folks tottering around the CC offices… providing there is anyone actually working there anymore)

    Just where are the open wheel drivers to go should they want to earn a living and race?

    IRL is a death trap, a joke and a dead end.

    F1 is a private euro club that doesn’t take anyone from AOW seriously. (case in point, how long did it take Seabass (who is European!!) to land a ride there? Four fucking CC championships… only to end up on the Dale Coyne of F1 teams)

    Champ Car doesn’t know their ass from their elbow right now and has no direction (or too many directions… depends on how you look at it) They have fucked around with and alienated the only legitimate sponsor they’ve acquired since the split, thereby spooking any other sponsors from signing on the dotted line. And driver loyalty is all but a myth. Drivers are only going to sacrifice so much and for so long before they start to protect themselves and secure their future.

    I hate to say it but unless CC snaps the fuck out of it and gets their act together, you’re probably right. (unless of course ALMS takes advantage of CC’s missteps and branches out into those markets)
    That said, the two genres of racing are apples and oranges. There should be enough sponsorship dollars and a fanbase to go around to both. Maybe when the powers that be stop crying “oh woe is us” and blaming Nascar for the state of OPEN WHEEL racing, they’ll start to learn from them and try to beat them at their own game.
    Why did Champ Car bring in a fucking Tennis marketer?? Why not seek out someone who has worked in the NASCAR marketing machine??? It’s like hiring a pizza maker as head chef at a Sushi restaurant. It makes NO SENSE!

    Until Champ Car figures out what it is and what direction it is truly going in and why, then the sponsors and FANS are going to demand more ROI. Their ROI is centered around drivers and marketing and tv time and entertainment. I can name at least a half dozen drivers, the car they drive (by number) and their sponsors. AND I DON’T EVEN FUCKING WATCH NASCAR!!!

    What are we to do???

    I would much rather watch the established Canadian drivers thriving in Champ Car believe me.

    I would much rather follow the up and coming young CDN drivers through the ladder series and build on their popularity so that by the time they hit Champ Car there is a frenzy about them.

    Unfortunately those options are becoming fewer and fewer.

  8. Holy obi-fucking-wan response batman! LOL! sorry bout that. (thank goodness it’s my blog)

  9. I understand your POV. From where I sit, in Indianapolis, if someone held a gun to my head and said, “be a fan of the IRL or NASCAR,” there is no question I would choose the IRL. They may be idiots, but they are our idiots.

    If NASCAR becomes American motorsport, then there is no longer such a thing as American motorsport.

  10. Trust me Brad, I have no intentions of becoming a “Nascar fan”. It’s merely the novelty of all of those CDN drivers (french CDN even) in Montreal that leads me to believe it would be blast to visit some of my Quebecois friends, drink some beers, make fun of Nascar and cheer on the CDN boys out of spite.

    Just as I would never become an IRL fan. Should CC shoot off the last of their toes irreparably, I would likely turn to IMSA for my racing fix. At least then we could hang out at RA for the weekend again 😉

  11. Well the CC management was watching the Habs game tonight (yeah, right), they got a schooling in cross-promotion marketing.

    Patrick Carpentier was introduced to the crowd as Everham-Gillette’s driver in Sprint Cup next year. Very nice ovation from the crowd.

    And then, they had Guy Lafleur give Carp a Habs shirt with the number 10 on hit since Flower also wore 10 for the Habs.

    You could see Carp was over the moon and i briefly saw Annick and she was extatic!

    Next year’s Nascar race in MTL is gonna be big you say? Dayum right!

    Of course, i could have started a thread about this over at CCF…

  12. I can only imagine… And yes, look how far away from the season they have started that promotion.
    Wait until Tags announces he’s going cabbing and JV shores up his deal… yup, like it or not, MTL is gonna be huge.

    LOL… well, it would be fun to see you counted down and banned again…

    sad part is, if it was an IRL driver announcing he was going cabbing, they would be all over it. (Sort of like them trashing Budweiser because they are rumoured to be title sponsoring twirl, yet championing the same company for sponsoring the Edmonton race… ahh the fickle finger of fandom…)

  13. Well i’m sure they have all forgotten about the Budweiser in Edmonton deal. Besides the few who actually went to the race i mean…

    and as for me getting banned again, well i’ll wait til i have something better before i post another thread. and btw, i do, i’m just waiting til comma boi shows up again.

  14. LOL… you’re such a rebel! (thanks for the giggle as I head to work!)

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