CCWS: “hey… I know it’s been 7wks…

and you missed all of your home town hero’s wins this year due to NO tv coverage until late in the season, but we thought we would basically negate ANY chance of a win or reaping revenge for last year by doing this… ”

Nice. Let’s piss everyone off BEFORE the race weekend while in negotiations for the future of the event…

And this is the man that we are pinning our hopes on to make the RIGHT decisions and right the sinking ship that is CC? Zoinks… Stormy seas ahead me thinks…


3 responses to “CCWS: “hey… I know it’s been 7wks…

  1. What a stupid ass punishment! Do they just make this shit up as they go. Limiting p2p is dumb. Fines and points is how punishment should be handed out. What’s next? Reducing a drivers fuel load for the weekend?

  2. LOL… shhhhhhhhhh… don’t give them any ideas!!

    If they were going to dock p2p, why not dock the amount “illegally” used from the last race?

    And what do you think of the new qualy lap rule? Interesting huh?

  3. P2P is a lousy gimmick, anyway, and having a spec car, engine, and electronics means that what we watch is a racing demonstration, not real racing.

    Imagine a track and field series that makes all competitors untie their shoes at one event because one competitor’s are untied. And then those who later tie their shoes are forced to untie them at the next race. Do you think anyone would begin to wonder whether he or she should not be watching a real competition instead?

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