I come from the land down unda….

ok not really… but if I did maybe I’d be watching the FUCKING RACE RIGHT NOW!

7 weeks. 7 fucking weeks.
and I’m watching hockey highlights where a race should be.

EDIT: Well it started, as they we heading into lap 4. Nice.
So far we Canadian’s have seen barely a handful of laps, & have NO fucking clue what happened to Paul at the start of the race.
UGH… Will Power can’t buy a fucking break where his home race is concerned. (kinda like Paul at home)
hmmm…. alternate pit strategy could work to Paul’s favour… all hope is not lost
Figge spins… *smocks surprise*
Why are we still YELLOW?!?!?! fuck…
Oh Will… *shakes head*
At least Kat got running again.
Doornbos jumped in before the yellow so now he is back on the lead strategy… (we think) Paul and Bruno just came in. As usual, I’m completely confused now.
Phillipe gets aggressive, Rahal spins, drives towards oncoming traffic (zoinks!) turns around, keeps it running but has to pit for fubared rear tire.


LAP 39

Paul Tracy(#3) moved up from P17 to P1


huh? LOL… makes it sound like he hit the rocket boosters. (goes with Bill Stephen’s robo voice…)
no no no Mr. Power… don’t go trying to pin that brain fade on Kat. You came in waaaaaaaaay too fucking hot.
Fucking fuck fuck fuck!! FUCK!
Seriously one of the worst races from Surfers. The broadcast quality is to blame for sure. Get your shit together Champ Car. Seriously.


21 responses to “I come from the land down unda….

  1. They went completely black, then a bunch of ads. Now they are saying stay tuned… here it starts after the start… fuckers

  2. yup, lap 3. WTF happened to Paul and Bruno????

  3. don’t know. this sucks.

  4. hey, your very own race thread! LOL!

  5. and of course race director doesn’t work properly on a mac, so I can even tune into the euro feed or paul’s radio.

  6. Crap. Will Kat ever catch a break?

  7. well, at least it wasn’t HER fault! And she got running again.

  8. yup, but now she’s out.

  9. PT is looking good though.

  10. LOL… depends on when the race ends I guess as to how good. Of course he is the leader right now… whoohoo go Paul!

  11. Holy crap. What is it with Forsythe and fuel?

  12. what was that 2… 3 times this year? ugh. Such a piss off.

  13. this year, and there was also the TO fiasco.

  14. ya, can’t forget that one. Hey thanks for keeping me company during this sad excuse for a race. (the broadcast SUCKED!)

  15. yes it did. highlight was missing the start. went downhill from there.

    Was my pleasure sweetie!

  16. Gotta agree that broadcast completely sucked, and I even got to see the start.

    Anyone know if they are going to invest in the broadcasts next year? If not, shut it down.

  17. Did you read the quotes from Will Power after the race when he had more time to calm down? He definitely accepts 100% of the blame in the Kat incident.

    As for the race, I thought it was a decently exciting race. But, the broadcast was just pathetic. Wasn’t this the race that used to have all those innovations for their broadcast? I don’t get it…

  18. Ya. It would seem someone sat wild Willie in front of a monitor and said “look you prat, it was ALL you big guy!”

    That’s the thing! I was writing notes the whole way through as I was in charge of the post race report. From my notes I should have felt like I had just watched a real barn burner of a race! But I felt like I had watched the whole thing from a visor cam. Horrible. I watched 3 laps on youtube from the Aussie broadcast. NO GRAPHICS!! Awesome over head shots, All the things we didn’t get. And what happened to the amazing overhead pit cam on the zip line!? I don’t get it either my friend. And they wonder why the old timers like us are bitching. We KNOW what we’re missing!!

  19. I don’t know. I kind of liked the “red leader, red leader” Star Wars like pit reporting.

  20. Yack Attack, you almost got me in trouble for laughing so hard at work…

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