It’s ON kids…

Will Power, avenging the mugging by Seabass last year, is coming back with vengeance. I would LOVE to see him win this race tomorrow, but Servia can taste that champagne already too, and won’t allow Will to run away with it easily.

Even more exciting (well to me anyway) and the possible to spoiler to all of this is the comeback kid! Go Paulie Go!! That’s the way a champion drives! Keep the fire in your belly Paul, and I promise I will work 3 jobs over the winter so I can get as many races in as I can next year and cheer your old, lily-white, scarberian ass on! 😉

row 1: Power/Servia
row 2: Tracy/Bourdais

boy howdy… that’s gonna be one hell of a first lap.
Hopefully Seabass will play it smart and not jeopardize his championship by doing something stoopid. Of course if he does, PT will just chrome horn him and cheer on Will from the pits… hehehe…

From the press conference:

THE MODERATOR:  You’ll be on the second row, side by side with your best friend Sebastien Bourdais.  How do you think that will play out?

PAUL TRACY:  Well, I mean, I have nothing to lose and he has everything to lose.  That’s gonna be my goal to go into the race.  Oriol and myself are not really fighting for this championship.  I know how Oriol races and how I’m going to race tomorrow, and that’s going for the win.  If Sebastien wants to fight for the first corner, you know, I’m going to fight for it.

so fucking nice to be excited about a race again. Geezus.


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