F1 Brazil

My goodness, these guys are certainly keeping it interesting for the last race of the season. If it gets any more exciting, the commentators will surely just explode! LOL!

“if you like your sports uncomplicated, you’re in the wrong place!” haha!

Hammy! Go get em kiddo! You’re gonna have to earn this one.

One thing to note though, it is so nice to watch the cars on track with an absolutely clear view, unlike the clusterfuck of a presentation that was Champ Car last night. Squinting between to scrolling, blinking banners to watch a dark, jumpy picture.


7 responses to “F1 Brazil

  1. Awesome. Just awesome.

    Sorry, fanatics, but F1 is superior to CC in every conceivable way. The best thing CC could do is “benchmark” F1 to find all feasible improvements, then make the investments necessary to do so. Start with the broadcast.

    Congrats to Kimi. I am a McLaren guy, but I am glad he won it. He is the fastest guy, and he deserves the reward.

  2. Agree!

    It was worth having to take a cab to my appt. this afternoon, so I could catch the final laps. I’m so happy for Kimi. Lewis has years ahead of him to hoist the trophy, and if he is that good, it won’t take him long. I’m just glad that it wasn’t Alonso. I don’t think I’ve been more disappointined in the behavior of a driver I cheered for than I have been with him this year.

  3. Alonso is a poopiehead.

  4. hey now! watch the potty mouth language Mister!


  5. Agreed 100%

    Alonso has turned me off so much that I’m actually glad Kimi won. I would have prefered anyone but Fred…..even Ralphie. Unfortunatly, Lewis only had once chance to be the first rookie to take all the marbles.


  6. true. I think the pressure got to the kid. (I’m sure the scandal didn’t help either)

  7. Yeah, congratulations to Kimi! I was hoping Hamilton would win, but two chances, two mistakes.

    Alonso is a punk. I don’t think he has the speed of Hamilton, so he’s been whinning in the media trying to save face.

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