Class & inspiration personified…

Buon Compleanno Alessandro!!!

And good luck in November!

NEW YORK (AFP) — Alex Zanardi, the former motor racing driver who lost both his legs in a 2001 crash, will compete in the New York City Marathon on November 4, organizers said Wednesday.

The 40-year-old Italian, a former Formula One and Champ Car driver, will use a handcycle in his first 26.2 mile road race.

Zanardi won the Champ Car crown twice, drove for F1 teams Minardi and Lotus between 1991-94 and Williams in 1999.

He lost both his legs in an accident in 2001 while racing Champ Cars in Germany. Fitted with prosthetic limbs, he now competes in the BMW World Touring Car Championship.

Zanardi is also set to address a pre-race pasta dinner, sponsored by Barilla, one of his personal sponsors, on the eve of the New York race to speak to around 15,000 runners about his rehabilitation and his return to racing.

“I have done a lot of crazy things before and always eat and train like an athlete,” Zanardi said. “I feel like saying that I won’t only cross the start line, but the finish line too.

“I hope I can make it to the end in good condition and in a good trim. My goal is to finish in less than two hours. I have one month for training and I will take it very seriously.”


3 responses to “Class & inspiration personified…

  1. I will eat Barilla to the day I die.

    My deepest admiration goes to Alessandro.

  2. See, I know that. I still have your poignant words from a few years back. It was actually sad to go back and read that letter tonight. We were both so enthusiastic and proud to be CC fans… It’s like finding a love letter to your significant other that you wrote before you found out they were cheating on you. The embarrassment over how naive you were is almost worse than the betrayal itself.

  3. Ah, well, not embarrassed. Just sad. I don’t mind having been wrong in throwing my full support behind something that I believed to be right. I just mind the fact that their “integrity” was all spin.

    Now they have my support insofar as they provide me an experience worthy of my time and money. No loyalty involved. And right now, they are completely failing to deliver that service. I still hope that will change, but I no longer have emotion invested.

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