a wise friend indeed…

“I want to be a Champ Car fan, and there are many more like me who are disillusioned but potentially loyal and ready to vote with our patronage. I ask you to consider building this series on the foundation of real motorsport. The real fans, and thus success, will follow.”

Thank you my friend for your eloquent plea to the CC brain trust and for echoing what so many of us feel. It’s funny, I wrote something similar to someone last night:

“Despite everything… all the frustration felt personally by the missteps at CC this year, I still care damnit! I still LOVE the product with a passion that is sometimes hard to put into words. I’m already planning my races for next year (just took on my off season second job to fill up my “race fund” jar), will continue to be vocal both positively and negatively when warranted and am looking forward to 2008 and hopefully a reinvigorated, restructured and redirected Champ Car World Series.”

and yet the irony is that we are the more often than not the ones who are seen as the “bad guys” because we question and seek answers and change. While others are caught up twisting themselves into contorted knots to prove who is the better more qualified and valued fan, quantifying their fandom with lists of what they have ‘done’ for Champ Car. (and really… isn’t that whole concept seriously flawed? It shouldn’t be up to the fans to ‘do’ anything, and yet it seems in this day and age to be a requirement now… odd) While I have done more than my fair share for CC directly and indirectly over the years, it doesn’t make me any more or less a fan. It just means that my experience was different. Sometimes more intense, sometimes more joyous, sometimes more frustrating, sometimes more heartbreaking, than someone else’s. And I’m certain I got more out of it personally than I have given, and for that I will always be grateful.

This week I will gear up for the final race of the 2007 season and then bid it GOOD RIDDANCE! (the season that is… not Champ Car!)

I will then reflect upon the year. The good, the bad, the ugly. What worked, in my eyes, and what didn’t. What I enjoyed, what took away from my pleasure. How I can get more out of the experience next season, how I can contribute without falling victim to the politics, and how I can get back to just enjoying the racing.

I have many irons in the racing fire for next year. (not all connected soley with CC) Truthfully I’m still getting over the shock and surprise that there is going to be a next year. I don’t think anyone who is a longtime fan didn’t breathe a sigh of relief this week once the schedule was actually released.

I feel like 2008 is do or die. Enough with the PT Barnum bullshit. I’m not a sucker and I wasn’t born this minute. I don’t want your propaganda. I don’t want your promises of “it’s coming, trust us”. Get your fucking ducks in a row and make this thing happen… PROPERLY. Let’s get this machine running like a professional racing series again damnit. There are too many talented young men and women working their asses off in the ladder series’ struggling with sometimes insurmountable obstacles to persue their dream of driving in the upper echelon of American open wheel racing. Let’s make sure these kids have a summit to reach! It’s time for Champ Car to stop being the punchline of the joke.


4 responses to “a wise friend indeed…

  1. Well said! 2007 was a very tough year for many and now with one race left (for many on one team) its bittersweet. But no matter how hard or how many ups and downs; the absolute pull my hair out moments…I wouldn’t trade the last 4 seasons for anything.
    You are a love and I hope you are where you want to be this weekend!

  2. Lots of emotion right there young lady… very well said.

  3. laceypines! *hugs* I will be with you all in spirit this weekend. Onward and upward right? I have faith that all of you will land on your feet.

    Steven… thanks. (and that was held back!! LOL)

  4. This year was much more difficult than anticipated. I still prefer CCWS to F1, but F1 is making a charge. My fandom is being ground down by these trying times. I can only hope next year renews the hope and promise lost sometime after the DP01 took the track.

    “Truthfully I’m still getting over the shock and surprise that there is going to be a next year. I don’t think anyone who is a longtime fan didn’t breathe a sigh of relief this week once the schedule was actually released.”

    Meesh, Meesh, Meesh … Since when does a schedule promise delivery. At best a CCWS schedule is a list of New Year’s resolutions that the series hopes to accomplish in ’08. Thus the need for the resurgence of hope, promise and the improved outlook that goes along with those lost qualities.

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