a fitting pathetic end to the season…

As I sit down at my computer, after what… 6…7wks of waiting for this torturous season to be done with, to cover my assigned practices/qualifying session, I am faced with error msgs and pages that won’t load.

No CCWS homepage. No live timing. No race director. (which doesn’t work on my computer anyway as the developers, after 5yrs, are still seemingly unaware that there are other computer platforms besides microsuck in the world.)

So, here I sit…  with the other dedicated fans (dedicated for reasons which are starting to allude me more and more) who are patiently waiting for something to click so we we can bid farewell to this tired year of missteps.


6 responses to “a fitting pathetic end to the season…

  1. Could ya HEAR me cussing from border to border??? I have never been so livid!!! I have sent blistering emails to every single person there I can think of and then some!! For me, this is not the race to have #$% ups like this. They had better have their shit together tomorrow is all I can say!

  2. LOL… how did I miss this?

    I couldn’t hear you screaming over my OWN screaming.

    I guess that’s what happens when you fire half the staff and the other half quits, and both were responsible for maintaining the webstuff…

    just add it to the list of shit they have to get together for next season.

  3. champcarworldseries

    Pathetic. You would think someone would see the value of a usable, free information and streaming mechanism that all fans can use.

    Agreed, this again makes me think that they still don’t get it.

  4. You’d think that wouldn’t you? and ya, there is a good chance that there are still a few there that don’t get it. Here’s hoping they hire someone who does before it’s too late.

    (new identity huh? 😉 )

  5. champcarworldseries

    BTW, that’s me, Indy, aka “champcarworldseries.”

    Was tempted to blog it up the other day.

  6. LOL… I knew that (I get the email/IPs)

    do it! It’s cathartic!

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