and so it ends…

The guy made me want to throw things at my tv most of the time, and I sure swore up a blue streak over the years because of him, but damn… this picture just tore me up.

I will miss you Sebastien. Bon chance in F1! I hope it is everything you’ve dreamed it would be.


5 responses to “and so it ends…

  1. champcarworldseries

    The guy was annoying primarily because he was so good. He certainly didn’t deserve all the hate he got.

    I hope he does well in F1.

  2. Well, there was annoying because he was good… and then there was annoying because he was being a whiny arrogant little pissant. (I hold Hammy Hampster responsible for that)

    I do too. Selfishly because if he doesn’t, that is just yet another strike against CC.

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever seen what seems like genuine emotion from him. It always seemed to look so contrived; ie., going after PT in Miami, and then going after him in Denver. But look in his eyes in that picture, that ‘s the real thing right there. He would have been much more likeable/marketable if we had seen more of that the past five years. I guess that makes him perfect for F1. Good luck Sebby.

  4. Jacques Villeneuve, Jimmy Vasser, Alex Zanardi, Juan Pablo Montoya, Cristiano DaMatta, Paul Tracy, Sébastien Bourdais. All very talented champions. And Bourdais certainly belongs on that list.

    Sébastien made everyone look so bad, it wasn’t even funny. Bruno making miracles with Coyne this year shows that Seb kicking his ass at NHL wasn’t about Bruno being a bad driver, but about Séb being one of the best ever.

    Bonne chance en F1 Sébastien. Reviens nous voir quand tu auras la chance…

  5. Agreed on all of that SoFlaChamp!

    Steven you are so right.

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