Mexico City 07 finale *Live* race blog

Here we go kids… (and it looks like the CDN’s are going to see the start… how nice)

oooh… Cotman decides to penalize Seabass for the first time in 5yrs.. LOL… guess it was a parting gift.

2:07pm : and that is why I hate standing starts

2:13pm: “bad standing start for the first time this year” says RB… um… have you been at any of the races RB??? that certainly wasn’t the first bad start.

of course, I shouldn’t complain as Paul got a nice jump off the start and made up some positions.

Minardi not having a good day…

2:20pm: They really have to figure out a way to make the racing look more compelling on tv. There is no sense of “race” from any of the camera angles. When you watch the old races, for instance the Molson Indy’s from the 90’s… you really got a sense of speed and battles for postition, etc..

2:26pm: Well, since we are in commerical again… Poor Bobby D. Sucky way to end the season. I really hope he is back next year. He is fun and good for CC both on and off track.

oh and JUSTIN CLINCHES 2nd IN POINTS!! What a sweet end for Justin and RuSPORT. (and what a turn around to a sucky season)

2:34pm: hmmm spoke to soon… something is definitely wrong with J-Wil’s car.

(PT up to third! Woohoo!!)

2:47pm: Knew Sebass was gonna make the move. He was running the fastest out there for a while. Clean pit stops for both SB & WP. Come on Will! Don’t let him pull away!!

2:53pm: wow… Minardi showing some spunk! Getting Bobby D back on track to nab as many points as they can.

3:17pm: Pag is giving PT a run for his money. Come on old man! Hold him off!

3:21pm: PT gets a reprive as Pag pits, but Pag gets him on his out lap. Heartbreak for Martinez. 😦

3:33pm: well now… things could get interesting kids… (for the first time this whole race quite frankly)

3:44pm: geesh… did Seabass have a fricken rocket in his pocket? Lots of button pushing and passing going on. LOL… nice they’re finally making it interesting for the last 5 laps.

3:52pm: Well, that was an exciting little bit of RACING finally. (well.. racing/video gaming)

blah blah blah… Seabass wins… again... ok… go away now.

3:58pm: To his credit, Seabass certainly does appreciate winning and the effort of his team. It’s nice to see him so enthusiastic 5 yrs and 4 championships later. Will on the otherhand was like droopy dog… LOL… dude… you got second! Smile!


10 responses to “Mexico City 07 finale *Live* race blog

  1. servia is frst of the alternate strategist

  2. true, but he’s not far enough up in the pack to really benefit I don’t think.

  3. wow… apparently I was wrong about that! He’s sitting in third right now

  4. Cookie’s on the the podium! Well done!

  5. great come back by cookie boy. If some team doesn’t sign him for the full season next year, then there is even more wrong with the series than we see on the surface.

  6. Dont worry, he’ll be there… until the Jerez race that is.

  7. LOL… yup, then they’ll start prepping the Scandinavian Euro ride buyers…

  8. Mika Hakkinen to CC for the Helsinki street race! You heard it here first! LOL!

  9. champcarworldseries

    OK, now we have the off season to wait, as they either pull it together or fail forever.

    Bets, anyone?

  10. They have no choice but to pull it together. Do or die time kids. The lost the general public. They lost the casual tv viewers. The lost the mainstream media, and pushed away the specialized motorsports journalists. And this year, this year they lost the one thing they thought was a sure bet: the unconditional support of the dedicated fanbase.

    The can get it all back, but it’s going to take some hard work and a lot of humble pie. I hope they are well rested and hungry.

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