and the winner is…

Champ Car.

Ok… well, Kevin Kalkhoven and his cohorts actually, but by proxy Champ Car, and those of us who are still fans, are the real winners, as the court verdict today virtually assures (of course there are no guarantees) that the 2008 season will answer the bell after all.

Maybe now that this distraction is off of his plate, Mr. Kalkhoven can concentrate fully on the series he saved 4yrs ago (seemingly in vain from the missteps this season) and give it the full attention it, and WE deserve. (hopefully there will be no penguin excursions this winter…)

oh ya, Helio won too! 😉 (and, though I hate to admit it, deservedly so)


3 responses to “and the winner is…

  1. he foxtrot me under yellow!

  2. There may be an appeal, but it will just be ruled unappealable, anyway.

  3. steven, that was great

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