wishing I lived under a rock…

or in a cave, or anywhere else I could be blissfully ignorant to what is going on behind the scenes.

I started to write my end of the year wrap ups… then thought… “what’s the point”. I really don’t care right now. In fact I’m too pissed off to write anything favourable at the moment.

This year seemed to be one step forward, 1o steps back, and now with but a few fleeting weeks to go, the brain trust at CC seem to be in a full on jog in the wrong direction.

Let me just state this, lest y’all think I’m unaware of what’s going on.

Wherever Paul goes, I go. Period.

I’ve turned the other cheek and looked in the other direction more times than I care to think about over the years, but this is not “overlookable”. Paul is Champ Car to me. He is the reason I haul my ass to the track or to my computer at the crack of dawn on race weekends. If Paul is on track, I am either tracking him on line or in his pits.
He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he even makes me angry sometimes, but most important he makes me care. And there really isn’t much to care about in the series lately. He is the only reason I even came back as a fan after getting “the treatment” this spring.

He has put up with more shit than any other driver in the last few years. He has unconditionally supported this series in the face of many obstacles and temptations. He spoke up when no one else would, and kept silent when others would have screamed from the roof tops. He deserves much better than this. The fact that any of this crap is even a possibility is fucking disgusting. How do you entice sponsors or talent to get on board when your winningest driver, former champion, and fan favorite is considered expendable?????

To betray Paul is to betray a good portion of the fanbase.

To cut Paul loose is to give me my walking papers as well. Plenty of other racing series follow and support with my passion and my hard earned money.


5 responses to “wishing I lived under a rock…

  1. If Paul goes, I’m gone. Not ’cause I’m such a huge Paul fan, it’s just that I’m tired of getting shit on. I won’t follow him anywhere, I’ll just be done. Motorsports ceased being about racing so long agothat it doesn’t even know what it’s supposed to be.This was supposed to be fun, it’s not anymore. Why love something that won’t love you back?

  2. What burns me is that this is a sign that GF is empowered, KK will be relatively powerless, and GF is still in cost-cutting mode. We can expect worse for ’08. What’s the point?

  3. I’m with So Fla Champ to some degree. I’ll still watch F1 and other forms, but CCWS is sucking the fun out of being a fan. I didn’t mind the us against the world attitude the fans have held over the past few years, but this is becoming ridiculous. I’m tired, I’m busy, and I’m losing my willingness to continue the battle against the evil empire, the IRL and the two headed monster that is BE and MM.

  4. Okay I’m going to play totally ignorant – what is going on with the whole Paul thing? I haven’t been to the CC site in a few days and I’ve ignored certain threads at a certain forum since I don’t want to hear people bitching when all I want is a straight, unbiased answer.

  5. Forsythe wants him to take less money. He has a contract for four more years. He is saying no to the reduction. No word from Forsythe.

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