talk about missing the point…

It’s so funny how many people are missing the point.

It’s not PT potentially leaving that is the issue… it’s the WAY he could be leaving that is the ugly point here. Obviously this is something that we, as fans, would be facing sooner rather than later. If the man chose to retire or was allowed to retire on his own terms, then ya, most would be bummed out, but we would say “bon voyage” and thank you and move forward, hopefully still enjoying his commentary as a colour commentator or an owner or whatever.

However, if the man is railroaded, shafted, pushed out, betrayed… or whatever word  is apt in it’s description, as those in the know are indicating, well, then that brings up more than a few concerns. It makes the series look bad. It makes the owners look bad. It further pushes away sponsors and teams and drivers. Oh, and a good chunk of the fanbase, whether or not folks want to believe it.

The Canadian races are already suffering. Lack of sponsorship, lack of coverage, shite tv package, and an ever dwindling driver line up. There was already a good chance that PT would be the sole Canadian driver in 08 following rumours of Tags heading for the Nascar pasture. That in itself jeopardizes the Canadian events, specifically the Quebec event which could potentially not have any french driver presence with Seabass leaving and Nelson possibly getting tossed aside again.

Toronto is already on shaky ground with a good chunk of cash disappearing from one source and the Steelback sponsorship in question. Toss PT not racing into the mix and things go from bad to worse in record time.

This is not a simple case of fans getting their knickers in a knot over their favorite driver leaving. This goes much deeper than that. Situations like this are catalysts. This is the proverbial straw and there are a lot of people out there with sore, weak backs…


8 responses to “talk about missing the point…

  1. Right, but…

    Some get it and don’t care. Some are beholden to the forces working against Paul. I think relatively few just don’t get it.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but none of my reservations are prepaid.

  2. Of course, as usual, you are right. It’s true, the ones that are the loudest contrary voices are merely pretending not to get it in an attempt to further their agenda, get in a few more swipes at PT and aid those who are working so diligently behind the scenes to rid the series of Paul Tracy, who for whatever reason has become the enemy. (my feeling is that he started speaking the truth via his Paul’s Position, and is now being given the Miller treatment)

    Notice the ones who are speaking out the loudest…
    Notice who they’ve supported vehemently no matter what facts are placed in front of them…
    Notice who has moved from team to team to team, with destruction and controversy following him each time…(notice where he is now… the epicenter of the latest landslide)

    now… who is the common denominator in all of these scenarios?

    Doesn’t take much of a detective to see who is behind this latest debacle…the same person that can be traced back to most of the controversy and missteps and bad decisions which have and continue to lead Champ Car down the wrong path towards the dead end sign.

    Not only are my reservations not prepaid, they aren’t even made yet.

  3. Think we’ll see Ms. Pettit sporting Indeck blue?

  4. Oh, Pettit is merely a game piece for the common denominator.
    I’m sure Ms. Pettit will be decked out in Indeck Blue. I’m just not so sure I will be. (which really REALLY pisses me off as my entire track wardrobe is such)

  5. That’ll teach you not to support your team.

  6. no shit.

    I have a shelf full of Patreek hats that I can no longer wear, possibly a wardrobe of PT/Forsythe stuff that will be irrelevant, a rocketsports hat I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing now, and a bunch of ChampCar stuff that is out of date cause they change the fucking logo every year.

  7. I have a lanyard I’ll sell you.

  8. There are some, that if the CC “leaders” were to stick the “fans” head in the toilet after having taken a nice, steaming shit, would find a way to spin it into a positive about how said “leader” did this for the better of the series, and “hey, doesn’t it smell great!?”. Are people really that stupid, or that blind? I think that they’re just too scared to admit that they where wrong in believing some of the stuff that occured earlier. Kind of the political situation in this country. (can I bring up politics here?).

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