Happy New Year!

Yes kids, it’s here, year 5 of the 5 year plan! The year it all comes together. The year we can barely move through the paddock due to the glut of trailers and sponsors and fans! When we will be forced to narrow down our race weekend choices to an unbearable handful because there are so many great successful venues to choose from you couldn’t possibly attend them all. The year when pit lane will be an issue due to the proliferation of cars, barely able to fit end to end! (good thing the DP01 was the lure we were promised! Look at all the new teams clamoring at the fence to join the series!!) This is the year the series skates through in the black, basically running itself, sponsors climbing all over each other to be part of this magnificent machine!!

excuse me a sec…What? I’m busy exhaulting!!
sorry what was that?
The plan has changed?
The 5 yr plan never existed? We all imagined it?
Huh? what are you saying?
Oh, we took it too literally… it “changed”… gotcha.


OK, I’ve got that out of my system for now. Just had to stretch my forked tongue and dust the cobwebs off this blog.

Happy New Year gang! 2008. Here we go. I worked a little bit on the “year in review” stuff. It was depressing and pointless, especially when talking about the track improvements & new venues, which in relation to this year are moot points, as the tracks that were the most impressive have been lost to circumstance. Oh and no sense wasting time talking about the drivers either as at this point there is one confirmed driver, and everyone else is on the bubble.

I’m going to rethink my thinking. Look at the year ahead instead, trying not to be bitter about the year that was. I’m going to try to remain objective and find the positives. I will not however stick my head in the sand and put blinders on, ignoring the obvious negatives. There are enough folks out there leading the chorus of blind cheerleaders. I prefer to take a more honest approach in my fandom and analysis. Good points and bad points deserve equal discussion. This is the place to do that.

This will all start another day however as it is World Juniors Gold medal day, and as a proud Canadian, I will be hoisting a couple of frosty pops and cheering loudly for my boys in red, black & white!


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