no… no, no, no!

How did I not know about these??

bwahahahaha! Dayum. As tacky as they are, again, I must give kudos to the Nascar marketing talking heads for again targeting and hooking a unique demographic. This is going to appeal to the middle age women & the teenage girls. Two groups who wouldn’t automatically go to a race, but who would now show interest, and feed the money machine.

Actually, if you look at a lot of the commercials, they are usually centered around a woman or a group of women swooning over <insert Nascar driver name here> This in turn translates to $$$ for said sponsor, as the women, buying into the fantasy, thus goes out and buys the product (or suggests her hubby do so)

Even the ones targeting men, have some overzealous fan seemingly with a man crush on the driver.

It’s almost petty to make fun of it, cause you know damn well if we thought of it first, and it was working to bring money and awareness to the series, then by golly we’d be standing on the hilltops shouting about our brilliance.


4 responses to “no… no, no, no!

  1. Remember, Meesh, one of the key turning points in the NASCAR business machine is when Tide came on board to sponsor Darrell Waltrip. It was sort of a “tryout” sponsorship, most in the company thinking it wasn’t going to amount to much. However, the increase in Tide sales boomed locally whenever a NASCAR race came to town. That was the first real connection between NASCAR fan loyalty to a sponsor’s product as well as the power of the women race fan who makes the purchasing decisions in a household. At that point, “normal” consumer sponsorship boomed in NASCAR.

    (On a different trivia note of a little known fact — some Harlequin novels are actually written by men, but they use female pseudonyms because women will never buy a romance novel written by a guy.)

  2. i got to admit that i find funny those Kasey Kahne commercials you are talking about :gomer:

  3. Russell: thanks I wasn’t aware of that (the TIDE thing) having not really paid attention to the Nascar machine until recently.

    It’s sad that CC is still targeting the richy riches of the world, filling the sidepods with LLC’s and flash in the pan techno companies, accepting short term cash, rather than building long term awareness and loyalty.

    Oh, and I was very aware of the Male writers. I worked with a fellow who wrote Harlequin romances under a female nom de plume…

    Steven: You just proved my point about how successful their marketing is, as nowhere in my post did I mention Kasey Kahne, but you immediately pictured that commerical.

  4. I read a trashy smut novel set in the world of F1. ‘Twas good for some laughs.

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