don’t y’all get dizzy from the spinning?…

I sure as hell know I do. Kudos to those out there that seem to be on a perma rotation yet still going.

In the wee hours I had to write a straight forward, no emotion, “just the facts ma’am” article on the 2008 CC schedule. All the while I was screaming inside “are you fucking kidding me???”

seriously… why do I bother? Why do any of us bother at this point. It’s seems as if the talking heads at CC headquarters are deliberately trying to screw things up. At some point the damage is going to be irreparable.


Ok… as silly as that sounds and as much as it was tongue in cheek, it was actually better coverage! It was consistant. It was advertised. It was available throughout North America. Hell, we even had a weekly magazine show! (it was horrifyingly bad at times, but we had one!!)

As mind-bendingly bad as the US schedule is, one can only imagine how awful it will be for those of us not living in the land of the free… In fact, I’m resigning myself now to the fact that I will probably get to actually watch 5 hrs of Champ Car on tv this season. If that comes to fruition, I will be rethinking my desire to continue on in pursuit of a career in open wheel motorsport journalism/PR. Hell, at this point I’m still not convince there will be a season to watch 5hrs of… but that is a topic for another night.

The state of the series hurts my heart.


3 responses to “don’t y’all get dizzy from the spinning?…

  1. Meesh, you are always welcome to come down to Rochester (you know, one of those cities in the Land of the Free) to watch the races with me and Angelo.

    Of course, you’ll have to put up with driving home at two in the morning after the broadcast…

  2. LOLOL! thanks for the invite. Sad but true on the 2am thing… fuck.

  3. You know, if we all took up masochism as a hobby, this would all be more fun.

    Whip me baby, whip me!!!

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