On the ropes…

Champ Car has taken yet another blow to the solar plexus this week.
It is bloody, and weak, and unstable.

One side of the stadium is crying out to the referee:
“show mercy! It’s still got a chance! Don’t count it out yet!!”

The other side of the stadium is pleading with the referee:
“show some compassion! It’s over… it can’t take any more pummeling… put an end to it’s noble battle”

Who’s right?
Furthermore who wins? Who loses?

In the middle of the melee and trying to be supportive are the fans who are repeatedly being sucker punched in return for their devotion.
“what?? you believed us when we said < insert latest promise/placation here >

It’s one thing to be angry or frustrated as a fan of something. The emotion acts like a fuel, pushing you to want more for and from the object of your desire, to keep fighting the good fight, to show support despite the odds. It’s an entirely different sensation to be embarrassed by the object of your affections.

I have felt a lot of emotions over the years with regards to Champ Car, but embarrassment was never one of them… until now.

Gone is the feeling of pride I felt as Champ Car, determined to come out the victor, persevered in the face of adversity. Replacing it is a sense of shame & sadness for all of us who believed the hype, and fought the good fight on behalf of a series who seems to be watching the battle from the sidelines while the rest of us fall on our swords.

ENOUGH! No more excuses or spin or conjecture or placation or lies!
We’re tired and we deserve better. How many more ways can we say it?
The drivers, the teams, the promoters, the sponsors, the fans… we all deserve better!

Fuck! *she says in exasperation*

At some point you’ve got to look at all we’ve lost (people, venues, sponsors, etc…) and stop pointing the finger of failure and blame their way. How can they all be in the wrong and Champ Car always be right. It’s beginning to look suspiciously disingenuous.

Just this week the blame for the problems with the series has fallen on the shoulders of Raphael Matos (how dare the Atlantic Champion expect to get paid for his profession) Miller/Kirby/Oreo/Phillips/Cipolloni… and whomever else still bothers to write about this series (they are single-handedly destroying Champ Car via their editorials don’t you know!) and the best one yet, the ‘Toronto Whiners gang”, (this came from an employee of the series who I used to respect…) Yes, that’s right, let’s blame the fans for this mess. The folks that are hanging over the side, holding on to the railing for dear life, still believing this sinking ship will right itself. Still actually caring enough to get angry.

Who will you blame when we are all gone? When we stop caring enough to even raise our voices or our keypads in protest?
Who will you blame then for your failure?

Time to lay it all out there, once and for all boys.
What’s the plan? The real plan.
Not the oft talked about but never explained “5 year plan” (which by all accounts was apparently to destroy the series, and with it AOW once and for all, while souring an entire fan base to racing forever) but the “this is what we are doing here and now and why” plan.
Everyone on the same page, no false hope, no phony promises, no spin, no incoherent spokespuppet…
Just the facts.
Black and white.
Out there for all to see.

At least then we will know whether or not we are in it for the long haul or are heading into the home stretch of the CC farewell tour.

When someone loses a loved one, suddenly, without warning, the common regret is not having the opportunity to say goodbye.

At least give us that much


13 responses to “On the ropes…

  1. I just don’t give a shit anymore. Sad, huh? It’s amazing how many people can get kicked in the balls over and over again and keep ignoring it. “Hey, they know what they’re doing, it’s all part of their great master plan. Kick me again, PLEASE. ” Not me, my balls are throbbing, and not in a good way.

  2. “My balls are throbbing, and not in a good way”

    BWHAHAHAHA! Oh crap… that is funny.

    sadly, I’m getting to the don’t give a shit anymore stage myself…

  3. Now now, be patient… we’re just at the start of the Five Year Plan.

    Exactly WHICH Five Year Plan, I’m not sure… 😀

  4. Silly me… you’re right. What was I thinking? :-p

    You do make a valid point sadly. Depending on who the propaganda puppet of the month is we are in year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, there never was a “plan” per say, what plan? there’s a plan?!?

  5. MEESH!!!!! Good write-up.

    Me, I’m about done. Thank you Champ Car and good night. It’s too bad that the merger wasn’t figured out a c ouple of years ago. I don’t think there will be a winning side should Champ Car cease to exist. My fandom for NAOW is about tapped out. It’s difficult to give a crap anymore. Luckily the rise of some young racers in Formula One will give me something to watch and enjoy.

    Go Lewis and Nico!

  6. Good blog, Meeshie. So well written, it hurt to read.

    Indifference is a wonderful thing. I am through the entire grieving process, so I am just going to watch what I want, if and when I feel like it. No guilt, no fanaticism, no obligation, no fandom. Just watch and enjoy, or click it off if not.

    So be it.

  7. In response to Yack:
    Joe! Thanks darlin. Nothing like an angry brain purge huh?
    It’s so sad to read “I’m done” over and over, both here and elsewhere, out of the mouths of some of the truest and most supportive CC fans.
    I wonder if they get just how much seemingly irreparable damage has been done to the fanbase? Are they so bamboozled by the handful of fans with blinders on, patting them on the back after every misstep that they don’t see the rest of us slipping away? Or are they of the ilk that we, like everything/one else they toss aside without a second thought, are replaceable?

    In response to Indy:
    Thanks Brad. It hurt to write.

    Indifferent. That’s a good word. I know exactly what you’re saying. I spoke with someone today who asked if I was starting to get excited and gearing up for the season, and if my dreams/plans of seeking a job with a team this year was still on. I sort of shrugged my shoulders and laughed. Seeking a job with a team this year is like auditioning for the band on the Titanic. I started to explain the current situation to him then realized how ridiculous it all sounded. What a clusterfuck.
    I just found out I can’t make it to Cleveland this year (work conflict). A couple of years ago that would have reduced me to tears. This year I thought… oh well then laughed at the fact that my only recourse will be the 1hr recap show on ABC.
    It’s pretty sad that I’m looking forward to Road America and it has NOTHING to do with racing.
    That’s just the means to an end. Champ Car has been reduced to an excuse to gather and party with some dear friends.

  8. Hey, Meesh, I felt all left out of this modern stuff, so I wrote a little blog. Check it out at http://www.popoffvalve.wordpress.com .

  9. LOL… welcome to the neighbourhood!

  10. well, agreed it will be interesting to see what really happens this year.

    Me? I’m not holding my breath for anything! I’ll watch what races I can because that’s what I’ve always done. I just can’t stop watching the races….

    (so THIS is where you’re hiding! I found you through this popoffvalve moron. 😉 j/k Brad!)

  11. LOL! Sorry Richard! I thought I linked you here a while back!
    Yup this is my little bat cave!
    This is definitely going to be the make it or break it year. Whodda thunk that yr 5 of the 5yr plan would end up being that huh?

    Ya, this popoffvalve dude just keeps hanging around… *swat* 😉

  12. And I am not even from Canucktucky.

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