well… things just keep getting more and more interesting don’t they?


9 responses to “…Kaboom!

  1. My give-a-shitter is so broken at this point, that having one series with problems seems like a better option than having two series with problems. I would guess that at least some of the problems might be fixed going this route. Certainly from a sponsor stand point anyway. Too bad the whole thing had to puke before some people saw some value in this offer.

  2. yup…
    Something needs to be resolved before there is nothing and no one left to merge with or for.

    Although I’d much prefer our car/engine to the shitwagon/honda package. There has to be some way to compromise. Perhaps a retrofit of the DP01 for ovals & allowing for more than one engine manufacturer?

  3. Open the damn thing up for both chassis/engine combos and let Darwin decide. (I think I was preaching that on MSF back in 02)

    As I’ve posted elsewhere…until both sides figure out they need to WORK TOGETHER, all we have to look forward to is more seeds of future discontent.

    BTW – apparently AR1 has pulled it as “unconfirmable”? hehehehe

  4. Unconfirmable because he didn’t get the scoop yet (or first!)

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

    And yes, until the penis measuring and ego stroking stop, and the big boys begin concentrating on what’s good for open wheel as a whole, both sides will continue their decent into irrelevance.

  5. Make it DP-01’s for everyone and it’s a deal. That, or let it be Panoz vs. Dallara and let the chips fall where they may, otherwise I won’t watch……..probably.

  6. I think that is what would be acceptable to most. (even if their foolish bravado won’t allow them to admit it…)
    “probably” hehehe… it’s like crack isn’t?

  7. Granted, this is in the details, but the article mentions that they are willing to move Motegi to fit in Long Beach. Are they not also aware that Toronto and Watkins Glen take place the same weekend? (Moving WG will certainly be the easier option.) And what about Cleveland? I don’t want that lost in the shuffle — you can’t tell me that Iowa is a better venue…

    Looking beyond the details, for my interest, it has to be cars that look like race cars and engines that sound like race engines. If it’s their package (I can accept it for one year only), quite frankly, I’ll have no desire to watch it.

    Looking at the grander level, I despise FTG with every fabric of my body. I don’t want anything controlled by him, least of all my favorite sport. However … however, I fear we may have to resign ourselves to the fact that this is now inevitable.

  8. i agree with you that the penis measuring and ego stroking must stop. and their penis stroking and ego measuring as well… 😀 😀

  9. Too funny Steven!

    Run both cars and manage the performance until a Dallara can make something better looking and better performing. If they have to run two divisions with a Championship run. The two divisions could share some events and combine for some races. Blah blah blah it’s been said before. Just someone have the intelligence to work towards fixing the problem rather than perpetuating it.

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