Fashion statement…

T-shirt hell came out with a timely new t-shirt this month. Of course it’s actual purpose is political, but when I saw it, it struck me: This seems to be the sentiment of the majority of the fanbase on both sides of the AOW war, so why not have a little fun with it…

The Rally Cry for the IRL/CCWS 2008 season:


7 responses to “Fashion statement…

  1. Well, considering you have a blog and I keep posting at forums, I guess we still do, deep down inside. 😉

  2. Love it!

  3. LOL Padre. Indeed we do.
    That’s what all the ‘cheerleaders’ have to remember when they are quantifying everyone’s fandom. At least we still care enough to whine, scream, get angry, whatever…
    Lord help them when the deafening sound of complacency falls over the land…

  4. Yeah, but do we really? Will I cry if it all goes away? That sort of concern has been burned out of me. If it weren’t for all you crazy cats, I would probably not bother.

  5. sadly Brad, I have to agree with you on that level. I think the attachment to my friends in and around the series is what keeps me interested at this point.
    and that “can’t turn away from an accident” mentality.

  6. True. I am getting a lot of perverse entertainment pleasure out of the drama.

    We should start a TMZ type website for sports.

  7. Oh MAN… now that would be funny.

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