can you smell that?…

It smells like the racing season is upon us…

The 24 Hours of Daytona kept those of us desperate for racing entertained for the weekend. Ok… entertained is pushing it. In truth, it was a snoozefest, but it was comforting to have the tv on and hear cars on track, and familiar names being referred to.
Sad of course to see so many names that used to be or should have been associated with our series, scrolling by at the top of the screen. (Dalziel, Ranger, Valiante, Heylen, etc… )
I have to say that it saddened me that Raphael Matos was on the winning GT team. Not that he won, but rather that it was a huge missed marketing opportunity. He was driving a Mazda, he is the current Champ Car Atlantic champion (powered by Mazda) and he should be driving in Champ Car this season, having won the “scholarship” from the ladder series. We should have been watching the CC marketing machine spring into action with commercials and tie-ins. Instead we sat in our livingrooms, cringing as Bob Varsha took a moment to tell the story of how our Atlantic Champion would be driving for the rival league this year… *sigh*

Around the innerweb…

Both sides of the split continue to spin like whirling dervishes, in a game of he said/he said semantics. It’s quite comical to read actually. Pay more attention to reading between the lines and how things are being said, rather than what is being said. That’s where the truth lies… Oh, and Champ Car itself continues to be mute. Big surprise there. Not only do they not get out ahead of the stories, but they make no attempt to head it off at the pass once the rumour train leaves the station.

In the meantime, the first of the spring training sessions gets underway this weekend, and no one will give a damn outside of the ever dwindling fanbase.
Out-of-a-ride veterans will be competing with out-of-a-ride rookies and out-of-a-ride euro ride buyers for whatever seats are available, which could be 1 to 3 cars at each team, depending on who you speak to on any given day.

Some linkage to keep you amused…
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