What people don’t understand is…

these are the rants of an exasperated fan!

He is just like us! Only difference is, he has a larger more public platform from which to pick up his megaphone and yell! And people listen.
They may vilify and dismiss him, but by god, they are still reading and watching… That says more about them than him.

so without further ado… the latest from our favorite curmudgeon:


As usual, he makes some very interesting and on target points.

11 responses to “What people don’t understand is…

  1. Well, in my opinion he is right on just about everything in that article. Not much else to say, except that if I still cared very much I would be very sad.

    You know, I have always respected Forsythe, but since KK has been marginalized, the series has gone to shit. I can’t see how this could end well.

  2. I keep hearing conflicting things from behind the scenes. It vacillates between JF being played by a few others and standing against KK to JF finally having his eyes opened and standing with KK as a united front. Whatever the deal is, KK has definitely taken a step back from previous years as far as controlling the message. Real or perceived, the state of the series is being questioned, and no one is home at CC to take the call…

  3. “and they take advice from one of the least respected men in any paddock on this planet. ”

    Is Robin talking about Gentilozzi?

    I don’t for a second think the IRL is doing well, but it does gain yearly support from the races held at IMS. I still say that the best solution is a two division series with a race off championship for the top drivers in each division.

  4. either him or ,,,,,, 🙂

    no argument here…

  5. He is referring to Gentilozzi for sure.

    It is amazing to me that men who can find their way to wealth and power can still have the emotional maturity of little boys. I just want to take Forsythe, Gentilozzi, and Pettit, and make them pick up their toys and put them away, and then send them to their rooms without dinner.

    Arrogant, arrogant assholes.

  6. BTW, after spending many years working in service businesses which catered to the wealthy, I can say without question that egocentric, thuggish assholes are the norm among self-made men. I left that work for several reasons, but one was that I wanted to spend more time with a better class of people.

    I must admit, despite all that being behind me, when I think about Robin and hardcardgate, I allow myself a little chuckle thinking about how he has these guys turning on a spit.

  7. Money can’t buy class… that’s for damn sure.

    “hardcargate” hehe… too funny. I’ll be curious to see the press room in Long Beach. Actually, it’ll be the rest of the circuit that will be the true tell…

    thanks for stopping by “PURVEYOR OF DOOM”!!

    (oh the comedy that ensues on the interweb)

  8. It’s all about the funny, baby.

  9. ha! Consider the source. Pot…kettle, yada yada yada…

  10. Too funny. That thunderroad is WAY smarter than you, Rus’L.

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