like a bridge over troubled water…

Cause and effect. That’s what it’s all about.

Is the state of the series causing the bad press & bad blood or is the bad press & bad blood an effect of the state of the series?
I would have to say it’s a little of both.
So what’s the answer?

A very wise friend has pondered this very thought and presented it concisely and intelligently. go be edumacated…

It would be quite the undertaking to even begin to mend the fences, and the whole “group” would have to be on board for it to work. The leaders holding out an olive branch to the media will mean nothing if the underlings (series associates, employees, fans, “spokespersons”, etc…) continue to wage a war on and negatively label anyone (media, fans, driver) who doesn’t march in lock step with the collective.
In much the same way as a series/league merger announcement this year wouldn’t lead to the miraculous renewal of AOW in 2009. (that repair will take years to come to fruition, if it is even possible) A media/series merger would be but a start. But it’s a start that someone has to instigate, because our dugout is looking mighty empty and the away team has added another bench…

Edited to add:

Watching the commentary on Brad’s essay (not at the actual blog, but elsewhere) I have to just laugh at the majority who missed the point completely. IT’S NOT ABOUT ROBIN MILLER, or Tony George or the merger or open wheel in general!!! Take the fucking blinders off and look at the big picture. Geesh.

It’s about mutual respect, and allowing for individual interpretation of your product while controlling the outgoing message, so very  little is left to be speculated upon or blown out of proportion. Locking people out and being secretive only pushes them to seek the answers elsewhere and come up with their version of the truth. Get ahead of the message. It’s much easier to get out of the way of the avalanche, than to dig yourself out after the fact…


8 responses to “like a bridge over troubled water…

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Meesh. I always know that you will see through to the underlying message.

    You inspired me to write this thing, you know?

  2. Me?! well… thanks! (and my pleasure)

    hey, you’ve got another fan!

    Kudos to you!! (and I agree btw with his assessment)

  3. This blog thing is almost as bad as the forum thing.

    “You are great!”
    “No, you are great!”
    “But you are greater!”
    “Oh, yes we are great, aren’t we?”


  4. LOL! Ok… I’ll put a little Llama spin on it just to bring us back to earth.

    Fuck you! you SUCK :hate: :llama: :bunny:
    Beer me!

  5. Why do I always get excited when Meesh has a potty mouth?

  6. hehe.. such a lady eh?

  7. That’s pretty much all time then Rus’l? j/k, ya know i love ya Meesh right? 😉

  8. bunch of comedians… :p

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