Assumptions and fluffy bunnies…

I just have to laugh.

The cars of the Champ Car World Series finally hit the track after a long, controversy filled, winter hiatus. 8 teams and 14 cars tested this past weekend. 6 drivers are signed for sure. 2 are “signed” via hearsay. Everyone else is auditioning.

Earth shattering developments? No.
Yet you would think the problems of the world, nay, American Open Wheel, were all behind us.

For some reason, cars on track, and drivers waxing positive about being back in said cars, translated into: “everything bad you’ve been hearing was a lie!” “The series is strong!” “It’s all a conspiracy!” “Robin Miller has an agenda!” “The “real” stories are so much better than everything you’ve been hearing,,,trust me.”

Of course the drivers are happy to be back in the car. Duh!
Of course the mood is one of positivity. Duh!
Christ, we’re all happy for the distraction at this point!
This has been a dismal fucking off season. 2007 ended on a major low. 2008 is hardly off to a great start. Yet once the cars roll off the transporters, they act like a cloaking device, hiding all ills and warping one’s perception. “there were only 12 cars at this time last year!! We’re way ahead this year!! We’ve got 14!!”

ya? well the Atlantics took to the track today, 24 strong. Game, set, match.
Once again our ladder series will kick our ass in the areas of sheer numbers and sponsorship. (and overall organization… *shout out to Ms. O’Connor*)

Look, I, like everyone else of my ilk, will hop on the propaganda train support and glorify the series from now until November. It’s my job. (well… that’s a term that I will use loosely as job infers money… of which I see none) That said, I will admit I was rather enjoying the rush of writing session reports and driver announcements, and talking to PR reps about their charges over the weekend. I enjoyed watching the time charts and imagining the possibilities of a Montagny/Tracy line-up for my favorite team.
You see, first and foremost, I’m a fan.
I want this to work. I want this to be enjoyable. I want this to be successful.

What I don’t want is for us to all pile on this precarious rug of false hope again for the season, only to have it ripped out from under us yet again between 08 & 09.

Yes, I am thinking that far ahead. Somebody sure as fuck has to. It’s clear that thinking ahead isn’t a strong suit of anyone in power on either side of this ridiculous situation.

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” – Karl Marx

Wonder what it is categorized as the third time?

Hopefully we’ll never know.


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