salt in the wound…

TSN is increasing its broadcasting of racing this year from 105 races to 121.

This includes all races from the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series, all races from the NASCAR Nationwide Series (former Busch Series), all 13 races from the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, all 18 Formula 1 races, and all 16 IRL races. 

And what about Champ Car?

What was that?


TSN is the ESPN affiliate, so you would think that they would throw us a fucking bone. At this point I would take tape-delayed, day-delayed, 3 fucking AM airings.  Pretty sad that I have to borrow my bosses PC so I can watch the races on a fucking laptop in order to A) provide some sort of coverage and B) actually be able to follow the series as a fan.



12 responses to “salt in the wound…

  1. …and I finally got satellite! :/

  2. Anyone taking bets? Furriners were an afterthought in ’07, and we all know they cut the U.S. TV budget in half for ’08. What are the odds for Canadian/other coverage?

  3. I’ve just resigned myself to only getting to watch 4 races (er “highlight shows) this year on tv. (and possibly the CDN races if they are picked up by Global)

    yup… great way to build that all important fanbase.
    They (CC) must have fucked TSN over really bad for them to be so obvious in their shunning…

  4. Yeah, but we have the ICS in HD. So it’s all good.

  5. yup… great. Just fucking… great. :wall:

  6. Seriously, I think everyone is underestimating the importance of this. I have been known to watch NASCAR in HD, and that is about like Mohammed going to Mass.

  7. Funny, it was important to CC fans a few years ago when we had it for a few events. Now they throw a fucking parade because we were lucky enough to even get airtime and we should be grateful for that.

    you?? Napcar??? the mind reels…

  8. I’m in the same boat as popoffvalve…

    Meesh, if it’s any comfort, i contacted RDS yesterday, and so far they are showing all the races expect the Assen one.

    I could send them to you… bet they’ll be in French of course.

    Pathetic… just pathetic…

  9. do you know what if any is the RDS english affiliate? (global? CBC? etc…)

  10. humm… ok. Well the sister station is… TSN. Very sorry. TSN chose to broadcast the IRL and no CC races. RDS chose to broadcast the CC races, + the Indy 500.

    No words on an affiliate station that would pick it up. RDS is part of the CTV family though.

  11. CTV ain’t gonna show shit. They have an overly packed schedule as it is. (and very little in the way of sports on the regular network)

    we’re fucked. *sigh*

  12. i know, as i said, i feel sorry for you guys. Perhaps ESPN Classics Canada?

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