careful what you wish for…

for you just might get it. Just not in the form you wanted.

So, apparently, we were but a whisper away from mergification Thursday, but Honda pulled the plug (or at least halted the proceedings) due to one date conflict.

now, I’m a pretty intelligent woman… and I fully agree that unification is needed for American Open wheel to survive at this point, but this… this seems off.

Why the rush? Why the cloak and dagger? The ramifications of an 08 merge are huge and ugly and in some cases may be irreparable. (events, promoters, sponsors and fans could be, no, will be mighty pissed and pull away for good)

That said, now that it’s out there in all it’s ugly glory, why not take a step back, run the respective series for their 08 season as is, while openly and actively planning and preparing for an 09 merge. Think of it. There is an entire year to establish sponsors, work out schedules , design/build a new unified chassis, repair the relationship with the media and fill every weekend with merger progress updates. The buzz generated would be huge by the end of the year. Both series go out in a blaze of glory, then start the 09 season as one. New name, new leadership, new car, new attitude. At least that’s how I’d do it.

Selling out the assets of CC (events and fans) and morphing into some bastardized version of the IRL seemingly overnight reeks of desperation and lack of planning or forethought. But then most of the decisions made lately fall into the same category.


8 responses to “careful what you wish for…

  1. Who says Honda pulled the plug? Or, did something just happen the past hour? I thought they were still hoping to find a compromise between the date conflicts.

  2. no, honda is the sticking point (or at least was yesterday afternoon when I heard about it)

    Honda refuses to move Motegi, and CC refuses to move LB. So that’s what is holding it up for now.

  3. vey well said Meesh. I’m in total agreement. I heard the same thing Meesh said Rus’l… then again in think CCWS is in the black 😉

  4. I know there is an issue over the date conflict, but think about this — Honda wants this merger more than anyone else. Why would they allow themselves to then be the ones that cause it to fall apart. Maybe they want to see if they can screw over Toyota (being the sponsors of LBGP), but ultimately, I think Honda will compromise.

  5. I’ll have to take issue with the idea of an ’09 merger with a new “unified” chassis. The last thing either series needs is the additional expense of designing and building totally new chassis. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the cost of the DP01’s design and teething problems helped to contribute to the situation we’re in now.

    As far as Honda being a roadblock, I’m savoring the irony (see my blog) that the very entity that kept the IRL afloat after Toyota and GM left is the one standing in the way of a unification, but I’m pretty sure that Motegi is going to be moved.

    The guy I feel worst for is Eric Bachelart, who bought into the rhetoric leading up to Sebring and is the only guy in the CC paddock who went ahead and dumped his season investment into his team… he really got blindsided.

  6. I guess by unified chassis, deep down I meant ours. 😛
    I had heard that they designed it to be fitted with an oval package. The IRL shitboxes are horrible. Horrible to watch, horrible to listen to. Ick.

    I agree, I feel pretty bad for Bachelart.Blindsided indeed.

    Walker obviously got the memo. (my understanding is he already jumped the fence) KK grabbed some veterans with oval experience. PG grabbed a guy who’s been driving around in circles in stock car.

    it’s certainly going to get interesting in the coming days, weeks… etc…

  7. Seriously, how hard would it be for Honda to figure out how to get a few more HP out of their engine and just run both as is at whatever races they can?

    …and don’t tell me Honda can’t move Motegi date…they own the stoopid place and its not like there’s much else going on there, is there?

  8. Well, as KK said himself, that is just one of the stumbling blocks.

    I’m thinking that man will be turning off his phone tonight and drinking a lot of whatever his poison of choice is.

    btw… your retort last night to Jenny cause major spewage!!! :thumbsup:

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