so maligned…

so misunderstood…
(I’ve had a large rye and coke (or two)… so consider this a free spirited rant…)

I find it funny… the hard on everyone has for Robin Miller now.

How quickly they forget what a hero he was to them when he spoke out against the inheritor and his abortion league. How we all would tune in every week to “The Truth” and laugh our asses off in the chatroom, some quickly transcribing the conversation to share and discuss on the forums. He called it (and still does) like he saw it, good and bad, as it applied to both sides of the open wheel split. Those of us with free, individual thought, were able to swallow the sweet with the sour. We could cheer on his angry vitriol towards FTG and accept the same towards our own when the situation warranted.
Unfortunately our side started to make just as many if not more stupid decisions as the league, and Robin, true to form, spoke “the truth”. Even more unfortunate though is that the fanbase, growing more and more sensitive every day, couldn’t handle looking in the mirror. It wasn’t as funny when the joke was on us. (deserved or not) So, Mr. Miller became persona non grata among the rabid fanatics in the open wheel war. So reviled was the once pedestaled journalist, that they flew into a blind rage no matter what he wrote. Hell depending on who you talk to and who you listen to (key there) he is responsible for everything bad that has ever happened with Champ Car over the last 4 years.

The saddest part is that most of these people have never even met the man and couldn’t come up with a solitary thought outside of the fall in lock step group speak that is rammed down their throat daily by the “I know better” brigade.

Well I have met the man. Several times. Some of the most fun and enlightening conversations at the track have been with or around him. The one I most cherish is the day I stood in a little circle with the giants of the media room. Miller, Kirby, Phillips, Oreovicz and little ol me. (ok… not so “little”… but I digress)
The conversation was witty, and honest and brutal and informative, and well, I could only dream of having conversations like that as a wannbe motorsports writer.

Here’s what I know. Miller loves open wheel racing. He hates Tony George and what he has done to the sport, but he hates it even more that AOW is on it’s last breath, and like many of us with a pulse and half a brain, realizes that the only answer at this point is unification. (now, let me get this straight… I agree with unification, I don’t agree with the capitulation that is being passed off as such this week)

Hardcardgate last summer was a joke. Just another blackmark on the reputation of Champ Car and the amateur hour that is the team callin the shots at head office (was for all I know right now, as who the fuck knows who is still employed there at the moment)

Side thought: You don’t like what the media is writing about you? Give them something else to write about then! Control your own fucking message. You can’t control the media. It is our job to seek out the stories. To look beyond the shiny contrite press releases and discover the truth. People want the truth. People want the dirt. People want the real story.
There is a reason TMZ is so popular. Give your fucking head a shake.

back to my rant…

Contrary to what some people will have you believe, in all the times I was at the track, I never once saw Robin shunned or cold shouldered by ANYONE on pit lane or in the paddock. Quite the contrary. Hell I’ve got pictures of him with all of the major players, yukking it up, interviewing them, shooting the shit, enjoying the racing. That’s right, another myth to debunk. Robin Miller loved watching Champ Car. I stood there in pit lane, drenched to the bone, watching that mess of a race in Toronto last year, beside Miller, who was grinning like a cheshire cat, giddy like a little girl, proclaiming to me “this is one of the best races I’ve seen!” This is not a man who hates and wants to destroy champ car. This is a man that wants to save a sport that we all love, that is being destroyed by politics and egos and men who are better off sitting in a boardroom than in a paddock.

*my apologies for run on sentences and spelling mistakes… but I was on a role and to go back now and clean it up would betray the form and function of a free spirited rant!*


27 responses to “so maligned…

  1. Hey Meesh,
    Great blog and I could not agree more!
    You know I can’t tolerate the people who are not able to see things from all angles… my comments on that topic have not made me a fan favourite in some corners of the Web.

  2. I’ve met Miller only once, in Edmonton, and then only briefly. So I can’t comment personally.

    I agree with the unification not capitulation statement, Meesh. Just so you know.

    There’s been some dirty lowball dealing this week, and I can’t help that Miller was a part of it, whether knowingly or unknowingly I can’t say. But he was a part of it. My opinion only. (IOW – not lockstep. ;))

    And one more thing, this whole “lock-step” thing…I would think by now you would know that each and EVERY group that gathers for yucks and kisses follows some sort of lockstep. Even if only to crap on somebody else. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey! thanks Gregg!

    Ya, the more and more involved on the inside I became, and the more I learned the truth and came out in support of Robin, the more hated I became too. *shrug* I’d rather be hated and think for myself, than loved and assimilated.

    It’s funny how much clearer everything became when I stepped away and looked back from the other side of the bubble.

    How you doing anyway?

  4. ^^rat’s can’t edit…

    “can’t help THINKING that Miller…” Oh well. I’m not drunk but still can’t type.L OL

  5. LOL Padre.

    My thinking is that he was used. How can KK lambaste the Media (directed at Miller) for running with the story, then give quote after quote about the situation to anyone with a tape recorder???

    That’s why I work solo. πŸ˜‰

  6. If people knew the disconnect between what goes on on fan forums and what happens in real life, a lot of opinions would change.

    For example, open-wheel media folks don’t eat NEARLY as much from the buffets as people think… in most cases, there ISN’T a buffet for the media… πŸ™‚

  7. LOL! Believe me, know about the lack of “buffets” in the media room. You’re lucky to get a dried out sandwich and a bottle of water. (although I have to admit, they spoiled us ROTTEN in Vegas!)
    I was looking so forward to my Wolfgang puck catering and Martini & Rossi happy hour again this year!!

  8. What Padre said. When it is all done Miller will be blamed as a conspirator. My instinct is not to condemn him. When I have thought him wrong in that past, I have usually been the one to change my mind. For that reason I will not blame him until the truth comes out.

  9. Same here Indy. I bought into the conspiracy theories and the hype before, then found out that he had the story right all along. Having been made the scapegoat myself in the past, I tend not to jump to conclusions so easily now.

  10. Even if he is a conspirator, I have a hard time finding the conspiracy a bad thing. The hard fact is that the Champ Car series is a failed enterprise – a vegetative series kept alive by the life support of KK’s and GF’s chequebooks. The IRL isn’t in much better shape even WITH Indy in hand. And generally speaking the whole sport of open-wheel is a laughingstock to everyone but the hardcores left over from 10 years ago.

    So if a conspiracy gets the sport merged into a single entity and provides a fresh start, then all hail the conspiracy! πŸ™‚

  11. Can’t argue with any of that. Hail Hail indeed!

  12. I’m still bitter toward Tony George though. What was he thinking??!! 😑

  13. well, that’s a given!

  14. I too saw Robin Miller after the Toronto race (I believe Angelo was walking back with me to the media center at the time), and I’ll be hard pressed to think of a time when I saw somebody so happy after a race. We were all giddy after such an exciting race, and Miller was certainly one of the happiest. He especially was thrilled over Dalziel’s performance.

  15. Holy crap! Did I press the bat signal with this blog or what? LOL! Nothing like the topic of Robin Miller to bring everyone out of the woodwork!

    Although y’all are reasonable men who “get it”

    So Russell… fun week huh? LOL!

  16. I could write a whole blog entry about what Tony George was thinking – and I may do it someday instead of finishing the book I’m working on about the Split.

    But we all know that now things have gone beyond Tony’s unchecked ambition or the CART owners’ egos. Patrick Carpentier said it best… Gerald Martin asked him as a joke the other day if they made a patch that helped drivers get over driving open-wheel cars.

    “They sort of split the patch in half. That did it for me,” Patrick said.

    Love that guy.

  17. I wish you would. I’d be curious to get your take. I’ve heard several, some surprising (almost supportive), from people on “our side”.

    Patreek was my guy!! Adore him. At least now with the owners throwing us under the bus and ending the split, I no longer have any reason not to watch or cheer Pat on. (and it looks like he could actually kick a little Daytona ass next weekend)

  18. ^^hehehe, except, Rus’L, Tony George gets bored watching the IRL races. He said so himself! πŸ˜‰ :p

  19. This is my first comment after following this blog for awhile.
    Padre, you are right I saw that on a broadcast.
    Rus”L there go the credentials.
    Meesh, you are a great cook.

  20. hehe… glad you came out of the shadows!

  21. Great article, Rus’L (as usual).

    I wrote a new one, too. Someone send this to Jerry, please.

  22. LOL! Look at y’all pimping you blogs!!! I’m so honoured to be in such company!

    Good writing boys!

  23. We are using and abusing your good name to get free publicity for ourselves.

    Me me me me me me me me me me…

  24. “good name”??? LOL… that’s a stretch! I’m eeeeeevil according to some. πŸ˜‰

  25. Don’t we all think everyone else is evil? πŸ‘Ώ

  26. No, that is just you, Padre. :p

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