it would appear…

That many are having a hard time swallowing this:


Well …


to wash it down with before your dinner…

Crow and Mushroom Stew

3 crows
1 Tbsp lard/shortening
1 pint stock or gravy
2 Tbsp cream
1/2 cup mushrooms
salt and pepper
cayenne pepper

Clean and cut crows into small portions and let them cook a short time in the lard/shortening in a saucepan, being careful not to brown them.
Next, add to the contents of the pan, the stock or gravy, and salt, pepper and cayenne to taste.
Simmer 1 hour, or until tender, add mushrooms, simmer 10 minutes more and then stir in cream.
Arrange the mushrooms around the crows on a hot platter.

nuff said…


9 responses to “it would appear…

  1. Some of the ones in denial are people who should know better. One I know still works in the series.

  2. I know who you’re talking about me thinks, and I find it quite curious actually.

  3. Is it just me, or is paper even dropping hints that he is realizing the truth?

  4. And speaking of facing reality, I’ve been thinking this for a long time and still believe it — that the best CEO CART had was Andrew Craig.

    Now, I know it is easy to be a good CEO when things are going well, but he had a plan to fight the IRL, and that plan initially worked until the owners (read, Penske) sabotaged Craig’s efforts. Craig knew how to fight in the business world, and he kept CART going upwards the first few years of the split.

    There is no question in my mind that the worst CEO was not Joe Heitzler, but Bobby Rahal. Rahal introduced the culture of failure in CART, and set into motion one bonehead decision after another no matter who was at the helm.

  5. I agree, Rus’L. Craig battled the owner mentality, Rahal WAS the owner mentality.

    The truth is that democracy is a very fragile thing. CART and CCWS were/are democracies. Tony George has the ultimate advantage, dictatorship.

  6. So is our only hope at this point that GF becomes our Tony George? (see my latest blog)

    shit… now I’m pimping my blog in my blog!!

  7. now I’m pimping my blog in my blog!!

    And we say FTG is an egotist… 🙂

  8. I agree about Andrew Craig. I had talked to him after the split at Mid-Ohio regarding the future of CART and options for reunification. He was interested in what I said and told me about his thoughts, with his brand of passion.
    Maybe they can hire him back?

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