Um…. WHAT?!?!?!

ok… no really… WHAT?!?!?!

This morning amidst rumours of imminent bankruptcy filings, the folks from Pi and KK cleared out their stuff from Indy HQ.

3pm – Staff Meeting.

We all await the inevitable announcement… then comes this:


Evidently SJ got up in fron of the class and told them 08 is on. repeat 08 is on. BOD meeting tomorrow, with a budget to be approved. Ziggy (not ours ) has quit, and he has no idea where these rumors are coming from.

At the same time, the PKV crews were told they are leaving CCWS for ICS for 08. Yes, 08.

So, wtf is going on?
Unka Gerra going it alone for 08? with Paulie & Pettit?
Oh, the drama……I cannot f’in believe this crap.”

So… The much rumoured but poopoo’d dissent between the owners… TRUE. (again, validation… but this ain’t about me…)

Apparently my Ponder if you will essay was not so far off the mark huh boys? *big cheeky grin*

So, Jerry Forsythe, who wouldn’t pay for hospitality for his team, and got into a contract dispute with his driver over money, just forked out a grand canyon sized crater of cash in the 11th hour to “save” this thing. Doubtful that Pettit opened his wallet. (otherwise there would have been 10 teams on the docket for this year… RIP RuSPORT) and we all know that Gentilozzi doesn’t have 2 dimes to rub together.

A friend on the insided offered this possible scenario:

*KK gets Pi, Long Beach, Surfers and Edmonton to take with him to the IRL

*GF gets Toronto, Mexico City and Cosworth as well as CCWS

Great… the split just turned into a fault line. Let the mud-slinging and side taking begin!

And what of the teams?

Rocketspurts (guess Jerry is gonna have to foot his bill now that Kevin is gone)

Team Australia (already rumoured to have jumped)

Wild cards:
NHL (I’m thinking they will jump with Kevin, or run both?)
DCR (with the right insentive ($$$) will jump)
Minardi (KK brought him in, and was rumoured to be funding… will likely jump unless Jerry opens his wallet again)

And let’s not forget the drivers! Only 6 (7?) were signed before the merger talks, half of which could hop the fence with their teams. The ones who didn’t I’m sure are wondering who to pin their future hopes on. (some have already signed elsewhere according to rumours)

Oh ya, and now we have no data acquisition, no race director, no head of tech, and the Manager of the Cosworth Engine program resigned a month ago too. (those are just the resignations I know of)

So… Best case scenario Champ Car now has:

7 Teams, 11 races (several not actually inked) and a tv package that rivals an infomercial. (at least infomercials are on network) & Steve Johnson

You know the movie Weekend at Bernies? Champ Car is Bernie.
How long will they be able to prop him up and drag him around the world before folks figure out he’s dead?

My gut says enjoy 2008, collect your souvenirs, take your pictures, say farewell.

Guess we wait now for the “official” press release and explanation. (oh ya, and the IRL will be waaaaaaay ahead of us out of the gate there too, as they actually have several people, a PR/MEDIA staff if you will, that do that)

I wish I could be happy, but I’m to busy being confused.


12 responses to “Um…. WHAT?!?!?!

  1. Love the “Weekend at Bernie’s” ref… there was barely enough interest in the first movie, and the second was… well… just totally unnecessary… 😉

    This does illustrate, however, how much Gerry Forsythe is driven by ego and vengeance. He’s going to drive it until it dies vomiting blood…

  2. I’m surprised you’re surprised. :p

  3. I found your blog two weeks ago while investigating the merger rumors. I really enjoy your insight and thoughtful writing. I hope you keep it up, after all the dust settles.

  4. thanks yaumb… I thought it pretty clever myself. (it’s even funnier in my mind… OH to have the photoshop skills!)

    padre… I’m not surprised really. Again, weird female gut intuition told me that Jerry might pull the Ace out of his sleeve at at the 11th hour. But to what end? That’s the real question.

  5. Hey, thanks BBH and welcome! Oh I’ll keep it up for sure! This is a windstorm baby! The dust won’t settle on this for years to come! LOL!

  6. KK, GF and fTG should just get this crap done then take some pictures with their arms on each others shoulders and settle it on the freakin’ race track. And here I thought F1’s Stepneygate was annoyingly soap opera-ish…. hey, maybe once they get this figured out they could start a soap opera about the egos in racing. ‘As the Wheel Turns’… starring Danica Patrick… they got her send her somewhere once the talent level increases.

  7. ”My gut says enjoy 2008, collect your souvenirs, take your pictures, say farewell.”

    well said Meesh.

    And Even if by some sort of magic CC actually lives in 2008, you know what is gonna be the talk all season right? 2009 merger!

  8. Meesh, I want whatever it is they serve in Canada… To be honest, no matter how much I would love to see CC survive somehow, I think at this point, it’s not worth it. A dozen cars? No LB, Surfers? Why bother?

  9. Meesh, I have a different take.

    Nothing is saved yet — ’08 is far from certain for CC. After all, they could be stalling in order not to further diminish their negotiating position with TG. Johnson says ’08 is a go, but do you think he really knows that for sure?

    On the other hand, there is a rumored outside investor in the wings, and hold onto your hollyhocks, he could revolutionize things if he steps up. Again, this could be a negotiating ploy. But maybe not.

    Also, just remember that those are not the only teams in the world. The rumored investor may bring cars with, or influence the bringing of cars from elsewhere.

    Regardless, I am hoping for the best. I was pro-merger, but I am not pro slash and burn bankruptcy and surrender. Letting Anton cherry pick the assets while CC’s creditors go hungry would be an abysmal end to this thing. Besides, starting over without Kevin may change things considerably. As a fan, I will be there if they are.

  10. hey Indy, if they somehow pull this mess out of the fire, I’m there. But… they’ve GOT TO FUCKING DO IT RIGHT!
    Clean slate, the right people for the right jobs in place DOING THEIR JOBS.
    The best PR/Marketing people that money can buy.
    A constant and honest flow of information from the series to the public. Not via some posts on a forum or 2nd hand via the information,,,,,minister, but actual media releases, and a concerted effort to market the series and the drivers and the product. 100% all in. Enough with the 5yr plans and the “trust us” and the “next year”.

    No, put up or shut the fuck up.

    This can’t just be rich men drawing a line in their sandbox and acting like petulant children dragging the carcass of Champ Car around for one more season without a definite plan.

    Long Haul, or hand over the keys.

  11. Hey Meesh,

    As always, love the blog…..see you in Toronto in July, providing of course, that there is a Toronto in July……..Watkins Glen just doesn’t seem to have the same attraction I’m afraid…..;)

  12. Gary!!!! Hello luv!!! I swear I dug out your business card this morning to drop you a note.

    You coming to the big smoke? Awesome! Are you gonna talk Jay into coming up too?

    Ya, I’d be hard pressed to head to the Glen if Toronto doesn’t happen…

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