the rumours of our demise…

have been greatly exaggerated…

Well guess what all you spinmeisters and quote jockeys, whether or not there is a merger, or a bankruptcy or what the fuck ever, here is what there is:

A pissed off and confused fanbase that have been dragged along on your little game of cat and mouse, cloak and dagger, spy conspiracy for 2 weeks. You better be prepared to give FULL disclosure on what you’ve been doing and why you’ve used your teams, employees, event promoters, fans and the media as your pawns, lying to and apparently purposely misleading us. Cause now I’ve gone from sad, to embarrassed to so fucking pissed off that I don’t even WANT to following this fucking soap opera/pantomime anymore.

The longer this drags on, the harder it will be to convince anybody to buy tickets or flights or hotels or even just plain give a shit.

There there are hundreds if not thousands of fans that have not and now likely will not renew their tickets or add on additional races this year. There are young drivers out there who’s reps have been scrambling to get them out of contracts and find them other rides.

I really hope this internal witch hunt was worth the irreparable damage to the sport.

Thing is, guess what boys? We fall to the bottom of the page in a few hours. Actually we will be the comical footnote during every newscast and race themed broadcast this weekend. The Nascar machine is revving up today. Do people want to follow the ever embarrassing open wheel saga or do they want to just sit back and watch some racing?

I think I’ll be joining the good old boys and cheering for my new CDN gomers! Fuck all of this shit.

Tell you what, some one send me an official press release when the whole lot of you remove your craniums from your sphincters and decide you’re a professional racing organization and not the Jerry fucking Springer show.


7 responses to “the rumours of our demise…

  1. Meesh,

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. If someone or a group of someones were attempting the destruction of CCWS, is your reaction not exactly what they would want?

    I don’t know if that is true, but I am going to wait and see what comes out of this. Perhaps we will be surprised.

  3. Hey Brad, I’m sure it is. But who the fuck am I? I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. But there are people on the inside, a lot more important people, who are equally in the dark (and asking ME for information???)
    That’s fucked up. Period.

    Someone or a group of someones has been attempting to destroy CC all along or so we’ve been lead to believe by all the conspiracy mongers. SO FUCKING WHAT??

    If your house is built on a strong foundation, then you weather the storms. What’s that saying? You can’t break up a happy marriage? Somewhere along the line the husband started cheating, the bills piled up, the paint started peeling, and the house is now in disrepair.
    So now what? do we renovate or condemn?

    Like I said, I just want a really good and truthful explanation for all of this, and I’m not alone.

  4. Let’s be frank – there have been parties attempting the destruction of CART/Champ Car since its inception in ’79, and only a few have them have been outside the series.

    Thing is, they’re so close to finishing it off now that even if GF keeps the reanimated corpse breathing, nobody at all outside of the hardcore fanbase is going to want to admit to watching it (or, rather, TiVoing it off the late-night skeds in the middle of phone sex commercials).

    I think if Champ Car hadn’t already been in such a bad place I might feel differently, but my thinking is that the farce has got to end and end QUICKLY before the entire sport of open-wheel racing becomes a laughable footnote in the racing history books…

  5. Damn, why is it always the husband? Especially in this case where it seems like the people involved in open wheel racing have been bickering like a bunch of little girls.

    The open wheel pie could have been big. All the whiny little bitches involved could have had enough banana cream to stuff their cheeks with, but instead they chose to fight over a Twinkie. For my money a homemade pie beats a Twinkie any day.

  6. LOL Joe. Sorry… when you’re a female you tend to write from the female perspective, thus the “husband” analogy.

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