The trickle down effect…

what we don’t see can hurt us… or can it?

While the approximately 384 open wheel fans that still give a shit wait with bated breath for the great open wheel conspiracy of 08 to be solved, thousands of people’s livelihoods sit in limbo.

Anybody who does anything directly or indirectly with Champ Car or the IRL continues to circle in a frustrating holding pattern. Nothing can be marketed, signed, released or booked until this penis measuring contest is over.

For Champ Car alone that is 14 events and all of their personnel, sponsors, contractors, & charitable associations. 9 Teams and their personnel, drivers, crew members, & sponsors.

And what of the feeder series? The Atlantics alone have 24 teams & 12 events. Office personnel, team personnel, event personnel, etc… etc… etc…

But why stop there? What about all of the other series that are sharing the bill on any number of the Champ Car or IRL events? ALMS, Grand Am, BMW, Star Mazda…

Thousands of people all just sitting there. Waiting.
All. On. Hold.

I wonder if the handful of men at the top are giving any thought to that as they go about their pissing match, seemingly ignorant of the pleading for any information, good or bad, so that we can all just get on with it.

They bitch and moan about the misinformation being bantered about, yet do nothing to rectify it.

In the meantime drivers are negotiating alternative deals. Staff on every level are cleaning out their desks and taking jobs elsewhere out of frustration or desperation, and fans, in some bizarre Stockholm syndrome state, defend and protect and grasp at any hope, while continuing to be inconsiderably held hostage.

And still… we wait.

It’s been a full week now since this really blew up into the public arena.
That’s 7 days of work not done, tickets not sold, events not secured and possibly irreparable damage done.

Fix this NOW!


14 responses to “The trickle down effect…

  1. Never have so many risked their futures for so little and for an audience of so few…

  2. Well put yaumb.

  3. If they had a chance, they don’t now. Continuing CCWS in any form would be impossible. It has been burned to the ground. Any of us who remember the old days were really just hanging around out of habit, anyway (and if I am willing to say that, then you know that the hard car fan has already grieved and moved on).

    I feel the worst about Atlantics. They really had something there. It will be a shame to see that history disappear.

  4. yup. My heart breaks for the Atlantics and all involved there. I really really hope that they can find a way to continue somehow independent of champirl, perhaps with ALMS (which would make the most sense)

  5. Hey again Meesh,

    Would love to hear from you via email, so please do drop me a line (hopefully I’ve submitted my address correctly on here???).

    Jay will be at Mont Tremblant with me and I’m working on him for Toronto…..that’s providing the ‘penis measuring contest’ (loved that comment) goes in our favour!!!

  6. LOL… listen pal! If I drag my ass down to Watkin’s Glen this summer, you and Ange best be there to greet me. We don’t have to watch! Hell, I’ll get my interviews out of the way before the race, then we can find a table in the shade out of the site and sound of those god awful cars and drink and talk until the race ends, then go back and upload our post race reports! Whadda ya say? you with me?

  7. I’ll stop at the Research Center. Meet you after you whore yourself out to the “merged” series. Then we can have a good drink.

  8. bwahahahaha! Gee thanks for that lovely description.

    I look at it this way. If we all walk away now, then we are most assuredly seeing the end of AOW. If we make our stance known, and popularize the events we want (aka watch or attend only the road/street events) then we will make our point that we won’t be force fed some deadend oval series.

    While it may be seen as “whoring”, I see it as supporting the drivers/teams who have been forced into this situation as we have. And they only get a year of my support. If I don’t see a definite plan to bring in a new chassis, and bring back the cossies, and reinstate some of our much better venues, then I will bid everyone adieu and wish them well with their careers.

  9. There is already a definite plan for a new chassis — there was one before any of this merger stuff started happening. As far as bringing back the Cossies, I’m guessing based on what I’ve heard that part of the deal for unification was the inclusion of Cosworth as a Honda competitor from 2009 on. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to be turbos.

    Me, I don’t have any sanction loyalty — I just like open-wheel racing — so I don’t give a crap about anything except that there’s no longer this stupefying division of effort. At the risk of revealing too much about myself, I’ve spent some of the split years chasing sponsors for some of these teams on both sides of the fence and the most aggravating part of my job was trying to keep the sponsor guys from walking out of the room when I claimed there was still value even though there was that whole civil war thing going on.

    Put simply, the only people in open-wheel who can afford offended sensibilities and partisanship anymore are the fans.

  10. I fully get that. I too have found myself talking in circles trying to help teams and drivers, and wasting so much of that important “pitch” time explaining the split.

    It’ll be a relief to NOT have to explain anymore, and not have to divvy up the pie into twice as many little useless pieces.

    My only hope is that AOW is still salvageable… Cause at this juncture, it’s looking pretty bleak, merge or no merge.

  11. True… but the current bleakness with a probable merge is a little less bleak than the bleakness without one… 😉

    Granted, we’re comparing the size of the bigger atom in the grand scale of the cosmos of importance, but still…

  12. *snicker* true dat…

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