Windtunnel – Feb 23/08 – recap

Segment 1:

“it’s about damn time…” – Robin Miller.

Well ain’t that the truth…

Lot’s of soundbytes from open wheel peeps past and present, giving the thumbs up.

“my goal tonight, get past the hate, and start figuring out where open wheel racing goes from here, and how it can be made better” – Dave Despain

Segment 2: TG & KK

Ha! funny quote segment. Careful what you say, it will come back to bite you…

A look back at the history and the split. Wow. When you see it laid out like that, it’s amazing either series lasted as long as it did. Does make you wonder “what if” though…

And there they are… the two now “most hated men” in American Open Wheel. LOL… “the press stayed out of it”… nice little dig at Robin from Kevin (with a shit eating grin and giggle)

hmmm… unanimous decision huh… LOL… tell that to conspiracywagon…

hmmm… both are being rather humble and congenial. Seems genuine.

*Ok… but that split screen with TG, RM & KK just made me LMAO. Photoshoppers around the world are making screen captures*

They are dodging a lot of the questions in lieu of the press conference on Wednesday. Understandable I guess. Probably still some details to sign off on between now and then too.

Segment 3: More TG & KK

hmm… vaguely laying out the game plan…. (good questions by RM) (he’s almost giddy… hehe)

2008… just get er done. Get the teams up to speed.

2009… “bring the best of both series” together. (I’m taking this as the addition of a few more former CC events)

2010 is still being talked about as the introduction of a new car (thank god) and schedule expansion.

Both agree that they would like to see a return to the 90’s in terms of track diversity. (oh the irony on both accounts there) New technologies, alternative fuels, etc…

Segment 4: More TG & KK

This is not the “magic bullet” A lot of work to be done starting tomorrow…

Again, confirmation that Atlantics will continue. No word on where, when and with whom though.

Curiously TG is referring to Indy Car future as an “international” series with “international” drivers and manufacturer participation. (I think that bodes well)

KK gives major props to Mario A. before signing off.

Segment 5: Bonjour Jacques!!

Mostly talk about his Nascar ride (or lack thereof) & the Pollack snafu.

Despain: “for what it’s worth, if you need any help with this, I think I could get you a ride at long beach…” LOL… ok… gotta admit, that was funny…

Segment 6: Mario Andretti

hmmm he was USAC IndyCar Champion the year I was born!

he’s glad it’s over so he no longer has to talk about all the negativity. (amen to that!)

what did he see as the biggest positive? Pointing out that Tony and KK were complimenting each other. (I noticed that too, and it did seem genuine)

If it were up to him, pick the assets from both sides and build on that.

Segment 7: Robin Miller final word…

“All you zealots on both sides of open wheel, get over it!”

wise words my friend…

Personal observations?

Jacques is growing into his looks… yum (sorry… girl moment…)

There seems to be a genuine respect (dare I say friendship?) between Tony George and Kevin Kalkhoven.

I’m excited about the potential going forward. I too want to talk about the racing and not the war, or the split or the differences.

I was amused throughout the show picturing the heads of fans on both side of the split exploding with each question/answer.

As Miller said… get over it. Let’s drop the fucking flag and just go racing.

Ok… off to read the melt downs on the interweb…


12 responses to “Windtunnel – Feb 23/08 – recap

  1. nice recap. I pretty much agree with all your comments. I gotta say though that TG agreeing that they would try to make it like CART was really brought the anger in me…

  2. Well, maybe he is heeding the old saying “those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them” (paraphrased of course)

    perhaps, just perhaps, he has learned from his mistake. perhaps we all have…

  3. Meesh,
    Unless you were reborn two times after the first, which year were you born that Mario won?
    I would like to repeat what Steven said, nice recap. Minus the video, that was what happened.
    I don’t buy the KK / TG friend crap though. As soon as this deal is over I think KK is gone unless he really is going to have a team.
    It puts him right in the line of fire every weekend.
    That Jacques thing must be biased Canadian. 🙂
    I heard that the FREE thing is definitely not FREE and has a few other hidden things attached. We’ll see how the low budget teams can adapt.

  4. LOL! I was born in 65.

    Thanks. I was trying to follow along and recap, but ended up going back to rewatch, then recap.

    I don’t know… whether or not KK sticks with this (and for some reason I think he will) I still think there is a comradery between the two men.
    Do you think KK is afraid of ‘being in the line of fire’ ? please. The only people he would have to worry about are all the blow hards who are signing petitions and vowing never to set foot at a unified series event anyway…
    LOL… re: JV… it’s a Canadian/female thing…

    Oh I’m sure you are right about hidden strings attached. Nothing is “free”, everyone knows that. (well, everyone with half a brain)

  5. Meesh,
    One thing I didn’t see in your re-cap was Kevin defaulting to Tony regarding how the series will be run. I’ll have to watch the segment again to catch the exact wording, but this stuck out to me. It seems KK will have a way diminished role.
    I’m actually excited about the racing again though; and it feels good! Lot’s of front page OW stories too.
    65 for me too 😉

  6. Ya, I remember that. It was in segment 3. It was when Despain was asking about the mix of tracks, what the outlook for the future was there. *consults the pvr* Despain tossed to KK who responded: “well it’s gonna be largely dependent on Tony, though obviously we’ve got some strong opinions and I’ll be voicing them too”

    That’s when they talked about a return to the 90’s, split between the 3 disciplines.

    Of course he will have a diminished role. But I think he will be on an even keel with say Chip or the Cap’t.

    Truthfully, I’m surprised by my excitement. Maybe I’m just seeing the possibility of what could be. (I certainly wasn’t seeing or feeling that coming into this season)

  7. perhaps, just perhaps, he has learned from his mistake

    I never considered you that naive, Meesh. TG did not learn from anything, because in his mind, there was nothing to learn.

    He simply wanted control of the sport. Period. Thus, his first plan of attack was to rile up those troops he knew would side with him by spewing all the BS about oval tracks, American drivers, dirt track drivers, non-ride buyers, etc.

    Now that he has control of the series, he can do what everyone (including him) knew all along worked — the CART of the 90s. And, that’s what he is doing, throwing all his loyal soldiers under the tanks. He never cared about them in the first place — or anyone else for that matter, including the sport itself — except to be used as a means of currency to get what he ultimately wanted. Control.

    When the series represents what CART really was and not some facsimile, wake me up. In the meantime, you can spot me following F1 and ALMS.

  8. I didn’t state it definitively… but rather quizzically.


    perhaps, like you or I or any number of other people, he is human and fallible and self aware.

    doesn’t make me naive, it just makes me open minded to the possibility of change. People change. Attitudes change. God, I shudder to go back 12yrs and read anything I wrote about that I believed and championed 100%. I can pretty much guarantee there would be at least one or two things that would make me step back and rethink.

    That said, if all he wanted was control, and he now has it, then the blame for whatever happens here on out falls squarely in his lap, and all the TG haters will have a potential utopia heading their way should it all fall into the shitter.

  9. Rus’L, I used to believe the exact same thing you do – that TG used the split as an excuse for a power grab and that he was simply paying lip service to get into power.

    I don’t believe that anymore.

    I think Tony George circa 1995 actually believed that his IRL would do what it said it would. And he believed he had the mandate as the capo di tutti capi (in other words, the owner of IMS) to make those changes even without being a member of the CART board.

    Basically, it was a battle of egos. It always has been. But I think TG has found out that his ill-informed Utopian view of open-wheel racing simply won’t work in the real world. So he fell back on what worked best for OW in recent memory – CART. Thus, we have the current IRL.

    But I don’t see TG sticking to the 1994 CART model now that the unification is on, especially based on his (meandering) comments on Wind Tunnel. He’s hoping to make a clean start in 2010 with the new car, new technologies (including a few things from the DP01, I’d wager), etc. Now that he doesn’t have to “bring his hammer to work” maybe he can do something positive for the sport.

    At any rate, that’s what I intend to hope. But then, I care about open-wheel as a category. And now I think there may be a future for it. There wasn’t a future for it the way things were going. Period.

  10. Spread the word and set the recorders.

    SPEED to televise open wheel merger press conference SPEED will interrupt regularly scheduled programming Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. ET to broadcast coverage of the scheduled IndyCar Series press conference from Homestead-Miami Speedway formally announcing the merger with the Champ Car World Series for 2008. SPEED’s Robin Miller will be on-site providing commentary and perspective.

  11. LOL… pvr set to record…

  12. Rus’L, I fear that you are correct, but I hope you will be surprised.

    I want to head into this thing skeptical but optimistic.

    I agree with yaumb, it had to happen, so all we can do is wish for the best, anyway.

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