SPEED to air “Amalgabsorbtification” press conference Live…

From SPEEDTV.com:

 SPEED will interrupt regularly scheduled programming Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. ET to broadcast coverage of the scheduled IndyCar Series press conference from Homestead-Miami Speedway formally announcing the merger with the Champ Car World Series for 2008. SPEED’s Robin Miller will be on-site providing commentary and perspective.

Yes that’s right kids! They will bump some tape delayed motocross & CORR programming in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week in February!! My goodness, whodda thunk it???

Ok, sarcasm aside, I find it funny that there is nothing about it at all on ESPN, the supposed broadcast partner of both CC & the IRL.

so, ya… let’s add lets get back with a TV promoter that seems to care to the list of “to-do’s” for the new series.

I had also heard a rumor earlier that Indystar.com would have a live podcast.  No confirmation on that yet though.

So what do we expect to hear? I’m guessing a finalized schedule. Perhaps some team/driver announcements, god willing a name change/alteration. “Indy Car World Series” would sound sooooooooo much more palatable no?

And then? Then we all move forward…  (well, most of us anyway)


7 responses to “SPEED to air “Amalgabsorbtification” press conference Live…

  1. It’s about time you wrote something, I have been waiting all day at work bored while files loaded.
    If there were death, destruction and doom, they would have announced a TV schedule change, but when only 1/10000 % of America cares…
    Name alterations seem to have finished in 1996, sorry.
    It seems funny that there isn’t more data from the Indystar.com anyway. Why aren’t they digging and spinning? I found out more stuff from other sources before them.
    Well maybe I can see the broadcast if the 14 inches of snow being predicted doesn’t knock out the power. Maybe you should do a recap anyway.

  2. I will be at work, meeshie. I look forward to your report!

  3. WARNING — Do not be drinking anything when you click on this link. I have warned you.

    Champ Car Fans Riot Against Capitulation

  4. LOL Rus’L. Glad you warned me! HAHAHAHA!

  5. Excellent Rus’l!

  6. Ange: Sorry, didn’t realize I was on a deadline! 😉

    Brad: I’ve already informed my boss that we will be tuning into SpeedTV at 12:30pm tomorrow. (I’m very lucky that my paying job is so understanding of my non-paying writing job!!)

    Rus’L: LOL!! Glad to see the site up and running, and your humour intact!

    Padre: Hello friend! Surviving the insanity? Admittedly I’m very happy to be on the outside looking in…

    Steven: nothing to add, but a hello and a thumbsup in agreement!

  7. Surviving OK. Not so bad as you might think on the “inside”. 😉

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