one thing I’m sure of…

Tony George should not quit his day job to take up motivational speaking…
Good God man! Drink a Red Bull or something! Is he always like that??? Cripes.

The infuriating technical problems, combined with Mr. Mumbles coma inducing monotone answers certainly made this assignment… challenging…
So, to save me having to re-write all of this again, & for those of you that might have missed the press conference here is my “official” take on it: Article at
You can also find the Press Transcript there as well.

OK… that out of the way… I guess I expected more.
Sorry… expected more isn’t true. I expected exactly that. I wanted more… This was basically a glorified WindTunnel appearance.

I could hear the screams of exasperation and heads exploding all over the world as the two “leaders” stood infront of the impressive line up of drivers, shaking hands and smiling for the cameras. We knew it was coming. Didn’t make it any less cheesy (or to many, offensive)

Considering the location, and the fact that there isn’t an event attached to it (i.e. a race this weekend) that was one packed press room, proving that, like it or not, this is a big story, this is piquing the interest of the media, and this is perceived as a good thing.

I did find it amusing that they both kept touting this coming together as being for the “fans”, especially considering the abject ire being displayed all over the interweb. (honestly, I think some people just aren’t happy unless they are hating on someone or something… but that’s a debate for another day) In the long run it is going to be better for the fans, but it’s going to be a large, bitter pill for many to swallow initially.

Things I thought were apt and that I appreciated hearing:

– the key is not to disenfranchise anyone if possible. (hard task there, but good on them for being aware of that and not just blowing off anyone person or event with a shrug and an “oh well”)
– that they don’t want to waste time looking back at who is right and wrong, but wish to concentrate on moving forward. Sage advice for all me thinks.
– that the goal is to stabilize open wheel racing (in other words, stop the bleeding)
– that they realized that it’s going to take time before they see “success” results.

I was happy to hear that the Medical trailers are coming over with us, along with some of the key staff. I would certainly hope that Holmatro would also somehow be incorporated.

I was very happy to hear that the Atlantics will continue to run. It would be interesting to see the Atlantics continue to run with a variety of series on a variety of tracks (perhaps expanding their package to be outfitted for ovals to join up with us on a few events) The opportunity for the drivers graduating from the series would then be limitless as they would be well versed in all disciplines.

Disappointed about the lack of schedule confirmation, but I guess in a way it’s better that they didn’t have all the answers. It means that they aren’t being hasty and making decisions just to appease some needy deadline. (ie: it still gives us in Toronto some more time to potentially move our date and save our race for 08)

The elephant in the room? The constant mentions of and kudos to the elusive and glaringly obviously absent Jerry Forsythe.
I’m personally still very VERY uncomfortable at the lack of any news out of the Forsythe camp. I know that Jerry is practically mute & invisible at the best of times, so I shouldn’t expect him to be chatty Cathy now. That said, I would really like some confirmation on PT for the season. If Jerry is going to pack up his toys and stay home or help PG fund turbo lawn mower races in the everglades, that’s fine. To each their own. Just let Paul out of his contract so he can get a ride elsewhere. If Jerry is going to jump into the deep end with everyone else, LET US KNOW!! Let Paul know. Let him get out there with confidence and confirmation and start talking this thing up

ok… that’s it from me tonight.

oh, actually… Rus’l… you know I love ya right? Ok…
Sweetie, do you really think that all of this came about because Robin Miller wrote a couple of editorials??? Now who’s repping for “Team Naive”? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Guess we can share our koolaid recipes with each other this summer.

Oh hell, since I brought it up, perhaps someone can explain to me why his (and every other writer’s) credibility and influence as a journalist is legit only when it suits a specific agenda? Can’t have it both ways my friends. Gotta take the good with the bad. You don’t always have to agree with the point of view, but you can’t put someone on a pedestal one week then call them a hack or stick an F in front of their name the next (or vice versa). Likewise you (the collective) can’t continuously dismiss someone (Robin Miller) as having zero connections, credibility, or influence then turn around and credit (blame) him for the demise of the series. It just doesn’t work that way. This is of course my humble opinion, take it or leave it for what it is.


10 responses to “one thing I’m sure of…

  1. IMHO (and my opinion only) Miller – at best – was used by the powers that be (KK/TG?) to set the wheels in motion that could not be turned back. It was like an arrow released from a bow. It had to find its mark.

    At worst – he was involved as a willing a knowing conspirator (I hate using that word, it sounds so Xfilish.)

    Blue pill or red pill? Your choice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think the truth probably falls somewhere in the middle of what the general racing public believes and what the “chosen” few at conspiracywagon believe. Judging by the good natured ribbing from KK to RM on Windtunnel, RM was certainly, it seems, fed the information purposefully.

    I’ll take a combo please! Then it will match my grape koolaid ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. “conspiracy wagon” eh? what was it you posted in the above article?

    “…donโ€™t want to waste time looking back at who is right and wrong, but wish to concentrate on moving forward. Sage advice for all me thinks.”

    :removesfingerfrompokingmeeshintheeye: ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. PS – my lates p’shop:

  5. LOL! I would say touche, but the conspiracywagon comment wasn’t in reference to my situation. I’m sooooo done with that. It was what it was and I’ve since been vindicated. Not to mention I’m leaps and bounds better off on the other side of it all and much happier. So in that instance, I most certainly heed my own advice there. Nope, In this instance it is in reference to the latest bout of tinfoil hat antics over there.

    nice shop ๐Ÿ™‚

    At the very least y’all have a whole new group of “villians” to practice your PS skills on… :p

  6. Holy crap Tony is painfully difficult to listen to. As bad as the technical difficulities were, both on the web and on Speed, it was better than the Champ Car webcasts. It was especially painful for me since my background is audio engineering. I noticed KK didn’t answer the question directed at him regarding his future roll in the combined series beyond team co-owner. It really seams to be Tony’s show once the details get ironed out.

  7. Yea that was a snoozer of a press conference. TG is quiet the lively cat.
    Just read Forsythe is nixing IRL/Champcar team; only to run Atlantics. Now PT needs a ride…

  8. Would it be ironic if Tracy runs a Vision Racing car at Homestead? Just askin’… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Meesh, I never said Robin Miller was responsible for any of this. I simply said that in his joy over unification, he never asked the question are we really better off now based on who is in charge.

    And, I know you love me…

  10. ok, Rus’l, I stand corrected.

    That said, there is no love lost between Miller and TG, and he has asked those questions and brought many if not all of those issues to light over the years, as loudly and unkindly as he brought the faults of CC to the public forum.

    I don’t think he thinks we (the OW collective) are better off based on who is in charge. I think he, like many of us, realizes that the only chance of success is a single series. He may be the figure head, and have the final say, but with everyone under one umbrella, it will be easier to influence him for the greater good of the sport. (a little pollyanna hopefulness there for sure, but at this point it’s all we’ve got…)

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