and the other shoe drops…

Statement from Neil Micklewright, VP of Operations for Forsythe Championship Racing Ltd., LLC:

“Forsythe Championship Racing is announcing today the cessation of its racing operations. After 13 years of competition in CART and the Champ Car World Series, the team has been unable to secure the necessary sponsorship to be able to compete in the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series in 2008. Forsythe Racing Inc., the parent company of FCR, will participate in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the Champ Car finale, with drivers to be announced.”

I’m seriously at a loss for words at this moment. I knew it was coming. The puzzle pieces weren’t fitting together as neatly as they should. But dayum.

Drivers to be announced?? What the fuck does that mean?

My spidey sense is screaming that unka jerry is going to keep PT locked into his contract to keep him from participating in the unified series, thus stealing their thunder and their “name” for their marketing going forward.  I would hope that isn’t the case, or if it is that he at least lets the man drive somewhere else.

Seems like a mighty unfair end for Paul after all he sacrificed and championed for CC.

oh crap… who knows… today’s headache just went from a 3 to an 11…


15 responses to “and the other shoe drops…

  1. There is definitely a restrictive covenant in the Driver Agreement. But it’s probably conditioned on GF providing some type of drive for PT.

    Further, since GF folded it is doubtful that any court would consider PT in breach for finding alternative rides. PT would not be competing with/against GF. Only pursuing his livelihood.

    Of course, if GF keeps paying him, he may decide to retire.

  2. I agree with BBH. A good lawyer can easily get PT out of any binding contract. With one caveat — if Forsythe continues to pay PT over the next few years (for doing nothing) and depending on how the contract is written as such, it may be a little bit more difficult.

  3. I guess it comes down to Paul. Does he take the pay cheque and hang up his helmet? I doubt that.
    He is a racer. He still has the fire in his belly. This is not how his open wheel career should end.

  4. I’m convinced PT can get a ride; he’s too big of a fan draw not to get a ride. He’s a racer and won’t stop just to draw a check(at least I hope not).
    F–K GF for what’s he’s done to Paul.

  5. From PT: “Neil said he’d been trying to get a hold of my manager but he was having a colonoscopy today. That’s ironic ‘cause that’s what I feel like I got.”

    This is the second time Forsythe has given PT the anal probe – remember when Petit signed on with FCR that Gerry tried to strongarm Paul on his contract?

    Thanks, Gerry, for keeping the vendetta alive. Just what we need in this tenuous unification atmosphere – a rich bastard whose personal fit of pique robs the series of a couple of cars and Champ Car’s most popular driver (at least temporarily). Good luck stewing in your righteous indignation, Mr. Forsythe.

  6. “Thanks, Gerry, for keeping the vendetta alive. Just what we need in this tenuous unification atmosphere – a rich bastard whose personal fit of pique robs the series of a couple of cars and Champ Car’s most popular driver”

    this is the saddest part and what I don’t understand. You’ll fork out the money to keep the Atlantics alive and running, but yet you’ll jeopardize the very series that these kids would be aspiring to graduate up to??? What’s the point?? And what kind of example/precedent does that set? And what’s to say you don’t get bored next year and pull out of that too?

  7. I don’t think PT will take the money and sit either. I’m just concerned that if GF keeps paying him, he may be honoring the contract from a legal standpoint making it more difficult to get out of it. TG has stated he’s looking forward to having PT in the series, so if PT is available, he’ll find a ride. That part won’t be an issue.

  8. It gets worse. Robin M. says it wasn’t vendetta… it was Forsythe asking TG for money to bring his cars over, and that he’s only keeping h is Atlantics cars going because his drivers are paying for them.

    The man has more money than God and he’s looking for handouts? Kee-rist.

  9. please… the man makes more money in a day than most will make in 10 lifetimes. This wasn’t about money. In fact, he probably would have EASILY procured a sponsor or two in the unified series, especially running the winningest active driver, and potentially avenging the 500 title he was robbed of years ago.
    This also wasn’t about standing on principle. No matter what the believers want to spout out about. This was smart bomb filled with petulance and indignation and one-upmanship on the part of many. And we are left to picking out the shrapnel…

  10. GF is going to come out of this looking like a fool. I’m convinced it was his last chance to give TG the proverbial ‘finger’. But the thing is he’s going to get more of the finger in the long run.
    What a bitter aftertaste this leaves in my mouth.

  11. “GF is going to come out of this looking like a fool.”

    It certainly seems that way. Maybe Unka Jerry is still negotiating. I hope so. Regardless, this newfound unity will not stop the rich asshole parade, so this is just more of the same.

  12. What about all the new people Gerry just hired, “Oops, sorry, my bad”. Oh, and for all on paperforum that got pissed when I had the audacity to question where GF was last season, and questioning whether or n

  13. fullycompletely: I hear ya on the bitter taste in your mouth.

    Brad: I’ve given up trying to make sense of any of this. From what I’m hearing behind the scenes, the rich asshole parade hasn’t even rounded the corner yet. Still a few more shoes to drop…

    Richard: Welcome! Yup, sucks for them for sure. And yes, many of us “realists” were pushed away because of our audacity in recent years. Although there is little joy in the validation… I would much rather have been proven wrong.

  14. Thanks for the welcome, but it’s just me. The tuth is out, I’m a “Dick”!

  15. hahaha! good to know!

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