boogity, boogity, boogity…

So in an attempt to branch out and open my mind and heart to other genres of racing, I had a Nascar day yesterday.

First of all, let me just say that as an open wheel fan I was impressed and admittedly jealous of the coverage. Are you kidding me?? HOURS of mindnumbingly boring albeit LIVE coverage of practice, qualifying, magazine type interview shows and of course the race, split across 2 networks! Granted, I wouldn’t have played along had Patreek not made it to the show. Not only is he in todays race, but he hopped on the “claim jumper” bandwagon. (gah… let me tell you, I could go a lifetime without hearing that term and explanation again…)

As a Carpentier fan, it was a very good day. He was a last minute replacement for the fluish Kasey Kahne, and qualified well for the Nationwide race. I got to watch him practice for the Sprint race, which he impressively locked himself into during the “go or go home” qualifying, (bumping Wallmandinger *snicker*) then change into his “Wisk” nomex and run across the paddock with a plate of food while being interviewed on his way to driver intros for the Nationwide race.

I love seeing Pat again. Oh how I’ve missed him. (he was “my guy” until he put the nail in his open wheel coffin by jumping the fence to Cheever in the IRL) I love that the good ol’ boys seem to have embraced him over the other open-wheelers. Not surprised by that. He is a great guy and a great interview which they seem to have figured out.

The race:

His lack of seat time and rookie “greenness” shone brightly unfortunately as he missed his pit box completely then got dinged with a speeding infraction and ended up at the back of the pack. Thinking back to all the years I spent listening to him on the scanner I giggled imagining the pitch of his voice getting higher and higher as he got more frustrated! My friend Steven and I showed our own “greenness” as we cheered his apparent 21 spot gain coming out of the pits! LOL! (now that would be a fucking impressive pit stop!!)

Despite the miscue and do-over, our boy kept his nose clean and his ass off the wall and pulled off an 8th place finish! Awesome!!

Here’s the kicker though… IT WAS BORING AS HELL!!

20 laps, wreck, 20 laps, wreck… a record breaking number of yellows… zzzzzzzzzz. I wasn’t even so much watching as I was listening to the race. (actually I’m “watching” the Sprint race right now… while writing, reading, etc… etc…) Polar opposite to watching a champ car race. I barely look away from the screen for that. There is an adrenaline rush that just doesn’t seem to be there in stock cars, at least until the last 8 or so laps when you’re wondering if they can keep it off the wall long enough to take the checkers.

I’m sure it’s partially a lack of understanding of the dynamics of this form of racing (if it’s any consolation to the Nascar aficionados I also find ALMS a snoozefest too) not to mention I am really not a fan of ovals (in any genre of racing), but hey, I’m giving it a chance. I’ve decided I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of the martyrdom, ignorance and snootiness that has gone along with my racing choices over the years. I’ve allowed myself to be influenced by group speak and politics. Enough! I’m going to broaden my horizons, and open myself and my mind to new experiences. I’m not saying I’m going to be tuning into Nascar every weekend. Admittedly, I will likely only tune in if Pat is running. (for instance, I’m tuned in now, watching the poor boy drop like a stone through the field…) While not a fan of the racing itself, I am fascinated by the culture of it and the phenomenal marketing machine that it is. Hell, without even watching a race, I could name 20-30 Nascar drivers and their primary sponsors just based on commercials and print ads! If I can learn more about that and somehow parlay it into helping some of the up and coming open wheelers, then it’s worth it.

Anyhoo… that’s what was on my mind… now, back to the race. Go Patreek Go!


16 responses to “boogity, boogity, boogity…

  1. Meesh,
    I was just wondering if this new mind set was from the medication or the therapy resulting from the unification. You seem to have slipped into the brain numbing effect brought on by the electron boredom emanating from your TV of the tin top broadcast. Next thing you will be watching the WWF.
    I followed tin tops from the early 1960’s through 1985, the years prior to them simulating the WWF.
    So what is next, a halt top, cutoff jean shorts and a can of Bud yelling go Ford?
    BTW: GO! Patreek, Juan, Sam, Dario, Scott GO! I may not watch but I still will cheer.
    Which reminds me of a story when I was sitting in the Red grandstands at Watkins Glen for the first tintop event there, after the track reopened in the mid-80’s, seeing the puzzled looks on the faces of the people sitting in earshot as I cheered for Boris Said when he took the lead.

  2. LOL! I’m suffering from P.U.S.S. (post unification stress syndrome)

    Hey, it’s not like there was anything else to watch. And once Pat was out, I changed the channel.

    Like I said, I’m just gonna be open to whatever now. I was devoted with vigilante like vigor to Champ Car at the expense of all other forms of racing… and what did it get me? No series, No home race, and potentially the unfair early retirement of my driver. WTF was the point?

    Now I’m going to watch what I want, who I want, when I want. Period. Of course I will always choose open wheel over anything else, as that is what excites me. I will always choose road/street courses over ovals, as that again is what excites me. Hey if I could get good tv coverage of Atlantics, Star Mazda, FBMW, A1GP, etc… I’d be a happy gal.

    um… my halter top and cut off jean shorts days were about 80lbs and 30+ yrs ago… NO ONE should or will be subjected to that my friend.

    and Bud??? Come on… no proud Canadian would stoop to that level and drink that swill :spittake:

  3. LOL, nice recovery, I think.
    If you attend a tin top in the US, you have to drink Bud.
    P.U.S.S., I love it, you should copyright that. LOL
    You live in Canada, wasn’t there a hockey game on to watch instead?
    We can start a rumor, Hulk Hogan is going to drive tin tops and The Grave Digger is his fuel man. That way they can combine the two similar series. They can hit each other with folding chairs in the garage area and jump off the car roof taking the opponent down for the pin. Then PT would put some one in a headlock and bust him.
    Sorry lost my head.

  4. Good attitude, Meesh.

    But NASCRAP still sucks, unless you are looking for a drug-free sleeping aid.

  5. LOL Ange. I while I understand your take and disgust with the WWE, those fellows, like the Nascar drivers, are laughing at you and your attitude all the way to the bank. Believe me, they know that what they do has no redeeming value and is pure phony entertainment, but people are buying what they’re selling, so why would they walk away? These are well educated men who put on an act and collect a big ol’ pay cheque for their efforts. (I met some of the big wrasslers in early 90’s and was blown away by what they were really like)

    funny you bring up Hockey. Like that is any more “pure”. Puleese. Over paid boxer’s on skates. I stopped watching hockey years ago when it stopped being about the actual game. If I want to watch real hockey I watch Olympic or World Cup.

  6. thanks Brad πŸ˜‰

    haha! funny you should say that. The best sleep I had in Vegas was in the stands during the truck race at the Double Down in the Desert. I kid you not! Slept through pretty much the whole thing.

  7. opening your horizons, that’s the way to go meesh. I would be really disappointed with myself, lying on my death bed, if i had not experienced all the things i wanted to, just because mob mentality said i shouldn’t (well while respecting the laws at least πŸ˜‰ )

    As for WWF/WWE, it was more popular than racing in the 1990’s, yet no one has ever watched their shows… i have and i don’t care what people say. Do i watch it these days? Nope, product sucks. But i made up my mind about it myself, not based on 17 yo kids posting on internet forums. The reasoning goes the same way with Nascar and Grand-Am as far as i’m concerned. i watch it cause i want to and when it sucks i change the channel.

    oh, and look at me, i’m a start, i made an appearance on your blog! woohoo! LOL!

  8. damn, star, not start! One of the days, i’ll get a handle on that English language thing you guys have been talking about!

  9. hehe… English is overrated Steven.

  10. Oh, oh, oh… bashes on NASCAR AND hockey in one post? I’m tearing up like that Indian fella on those ’70s ads… 😦

    If you haven’t watched hockey in the past three years, you’re missing a transition from goonery to skill thanks to a raft of rules changes. That’s all I’ll say on that.

    As for NASCAR… it’s not the WWE – it’s a traveling carnival. The problem is that the product ON TV has turned into a joke – the product on and at the track has actually changed very little. You have to experience the whole carnival in person to understand why people like it. Like hockey, it doesn’t always translate well to TV.

    As for the “NASCRAP” sleep-inducing comments, I have found no better cure for insomnia in the past three or four years than a Champ Car race. Maybe that’s why they scheduled them for the wee hours amidst the phone sex ads.

    I consider myself a racing omnivore (kinda have to be in my line of work). The first and most important thing I learned when I started working in the sport instead of just watching it was that there is something of value in EVERY type of racing – if one bothers to look for it. The people who DON’T bother are the ones for whom I have the least respect.

    All that said – my dear meesh, don’t subject yourself to any more NASCAR broadcasts without actually going to one in person. NASCAR is the 21st century version of the big traveling carnival, and it isn’t properly experienced by listening to an over-the-hill ex-racer yelling a lousy, idiotic catchphrase. πŸ˜‰

  11. hehe… I love the crying Indian dude! (don’t pollute!!)

    I’ll take your word on the hockey thing. See I grew up watching Sitler and Salming and MacDonald, then took the journey with Gretzky. I guess in that regard I’m like those racing old timers that say “you just don’t know what Indy means”

    ha! Again, I will give you that snooze factor on the CC races. Like everything else, some events definitely don’t translate well on TV. (especially with the jacked TV production we’ve suffered through in recent years)

    I agree on the “looking for” something of value part. Like I said, I don’t get the appeal of the actual racing, but I’m awed by the Nascar machine.

    I actually HAVE been to a live Nascar event. (albiet a truck event) *yes, my race length nap was live in the stands!* I was fascinated that most of the fans didn’t show up to the track until just prior to the race. It was so weird sitting in the Earnhardt Terrace, watching the steady stream of lights driving towards the speedway like that scene in Field of Dreams, about an hour before the race! Of course it’s probably very different for the trucks compared to the big boys. I do plan on going to Montreal this summer for the Nationwide event.

  12. All I can say is, if you haven’t seen Ovechkin or… well, hell, the entire Red Wings team lately, you’re missing out on some unbelievable hockey… but I guess it’s different for me being a Yankee and having hockey not invade every aspect of your life (kinda the way I see the NFL and NBA… can’t stand either of them).

  13. Truthfully, I became pretty bitter about hockey for reasons other than the game itself. I was assistant manager at a Sports bar which ended up being a casualty of the strike, forced to close it’s doors due to loss of business. (we were one of many restaurants of that ilk in the downtown core that didn’t survive.) I lost a job, a great boss, and a great place to hang out with friends.

    As is the case with everything, it’s not the game/sport itself that folks lose interest in, it’s the politics that push the fans away.

  14. Yaumb, I think your points are very much on target. CCWS became a joke and was, in many cases, very boring compared to CART. Or, if not boring, then simply not inspiring. And I do not have enough experience with NASCAR to criticize it fairly (though I will continue to do so, haha).

    I did attend a truck race prior to a Fontana CART, race, and it looked like they were crawling after watching the champ cars all weekend, but the real fun happened as a melee occurred after the race which spilled into the paddock. I was in a skybox, so I could see the whole thing. It was like watching Army ants fight. πŸ˜€

    I saw an ARCA race once at Michigan, and it was rather good, but I was standing on top of the team suites with Frank Kimmel’s owner, and of course he won, so that made it worth staying for the show.

    I dunno, now I am thinking maybe I will have to try it out sometime. Nothing ventured, right?

  15. Well, if you’re interested in “sampling” NASCAR, you can always ask for suggestions. I can tell you which tracks to avoid (California – great facility, racing is like watching paint dry), which series race better where, and which events have the best tailgating experience. If you ever go to a NASCAR race, you HAVE to wander the motorhome city that springs up around it. You can’t fully appreciate NASCAR for what it truly is until you share a beer and a burger with the people that love it.

  16. Ok, spill it. Which are the best. Think driving distance from Indy. πŸ˜‰

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