PT on Windtunnel 02/03

“twinkle toes Castroneves danced out of the room with my trophy”

hehe… that’s my boy 😉

Well Paul was certainly way more diplomatic than I would have been. (and will not be in about two paragraphs) Not that I expected anything less. He may do the smack talk shit at the track to stir the story when needed, but when it counts, he bangs it out of the park with class. Good on you Paul. You make us all proud.

“I’m under contract and he’s prepared to keep me under contract”

With that line he confirmed what I already knew; That his only hope of driving in the unified series this year, other than the sham that will be Long Beach, is if Jerry changes his diaper er… mind and brings the team over or if someone antes up a ridiculous fucking amount of money to buy him out of his contract.

Since I’m currently not looking for a ride, I’m not going to be as diplomatic. (get the children out of the room… ) Here’s my homage to Dave Despain’s My Take:

I think it’s fucking disgusting to even entertain the thought of sitting Paul out for a season. It’s petty, it’s spiteful, it oozes disrespect and it’s a kick in the nads not only to Paul, but to all of us who have supported Forsythe and Paul over the years.

This guy stuck it out when all the other guys followed the paycheck. This guy put up with bullshit calls and bullshit fines and still stepped up & spoke out on behalf of the series whenever called upon. What a fucking disrespectful way to treat the winningest current open wheel driver and the man who worked his ass off to bring you the championship when it counted most.

At a time when he should be enjoying the twilight years of his open wheel career, and going out in a blaze of glory, he is virtually being held hostage and fucked over because of some ego driven grudge match. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF JERRY! You don’t want to play? fine. Just let Paul do what he does. What he’s been doing for YOU for the last 5 yrs! Fuck. I’m so fucking pissed off I could spit nails.

FURTHERMORE…to all of the delusional fuckwits out there in interwebfuckinglalaland who think that GF is doing this out because of some strong sense of principle or as some noble act towards the fans, or to protect PT from harm (that one made me LAUGH OUT FUCKING LOUD) put down the fucking crack pipe!!

This is spite. Pure and simple. This is a petulant child scooping up his tonka truck and stomping out of the sandbox because he didn’t get his way.

It just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world but you still can’t buy the things that matter most. How the owner of a racing team could have so little understanding and respect for the mind and heart of a racer is absolutely gobsmacking.

Furthermore AGAIN… how any “fan” of a driver would prefer that said driver retire or go to some other form of racing out of some sense of loyalty to some fanatic ideal… again… get over it. I’m glad that slurry Dave from Cali asked the stoopid question. Now I just hope that the real fans actually listened to the answer. Paul Tracy is an open wheel racer. At the present time, in order to do WHAT HE DOES and WHAT HE LOVES he has no choice. To hold him to something he said half a dozen years ago when the situation was entirely different is ridiculously myopic and self serving.

I really hope that someone comes to their senses and fixes this situation.

Again, I’m absolutely gutted for Paul. This is so unthinkably unfair.

*going to stop typing now… and breathe deeply for a few minutes…*


10 responses to “PT on Windtunnel 02/03

  1. ha! I should really learn to express my inner feelings huh?

  2. Love it, Meesh. Well said!

    I did not realize what was going on until I said to someone, “PT alone will make the 500 huge this year…” At that point it hit me. Unkah Jerry is still fighting the war, and PT is a probable casualty.

    There is little point in arguing about it. You know that owners look at drivers like racehorses (well, perhaps a little less kindly, to be truthful). And as far as the billionaire’s ego goes, why would such a trivial thing as this matter after all the shit we have swallowed for all these years?

    Sad to say, all there is to learn from any of this is cynicism.

  3. BTW, how are you doing, Brad?

    Great sport we have here, huh?

  4. yup, as soon as I realized how many times “Paul Tracy” and the Indy 500 was mentioned in every article about the unification, and how many times TG mentioned his name during both the WT interview and the press conference, I connected the dots in my head.

    As for the “Race horses” I don’t think they are even looked upon that kindly or with that much respect.

  5. You know what the biggest olive branch TG could offer to disillusioned Champ Car fans? Buying out Paul’s contract and giving him a ride for the season.

    Money much better spent than paying Tomas Scheckter’s contract last year…

  6. Agreed. (of course it would also be in his own best interest to do so) Vision racing certainly wouldn’t be my first choice (or tenth for that matter) but to see a driver like PT sidelined purposely is just vile.

    I would prefer though to see Jerry remove his head from his ass, bring the amazing squad of drivers and crew he spent assembling over the winter to the unified series and kick some ass. Sitting the team out a year will only put them another year behind the eight ball. His logic in that regard, if he has any, is flawed.

  7. Actually, the rumor I heard, which supposedly originated with TG, was that PT would be bought out and would race for Vision. I also heard that PT is already signed somewhere, from another source.

    Maybe we are being played a bit?

  8. I think Gerry proved that his head IS his ass, which might explain why he can’t solve his case of oral hemorrhoids… 😉

  9. If PT ends up in TG’s camp, then so be it. I’d much rather see him with the crew that had been assembled for Forsythe but any way that can get him in the field is good for me, you know he’ll go balls out.

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