Quote of the day…

In the middle of a thread of comments on a post over at Full Throttle (great auto blog btw… highly recommend you add it to your daily rounds!) one of the commenter’s drops this:

“I still maintain that if brains were shit TG & Co would be constipated.”


Thank you Peter! After spending the day reading and hearing about the cancellation of the Toronto race in every fucking corner of my world today… I needed a good laugh.


5 responses to “Quote of the day…

  1. Thanks for the link, Peter a regular contributer at FT, has a rapier-like wit, obviously.

  2. That was great. Not rubbing salt in the wound but I guess PT is STILL trying to land a ride…

  3. Wasn’t it?!

    yup… sadly no news yet. Unless someone steps up with big bucks (which would cover the contract and subsequent litigation to get out of it) or Jerry changes his mind at the last minute (which he is famous for) it looks like our last chance to see Paul in a car this year will be LB. (although I have heard he is “allowed” to race other disciplines, so he might be able to snag some one offs in sports cars or tin tops)

  4. Looks like Champ Car is taking the bankruptcy route; http//blog.ibj.com/thescore/blogshell.asp.

    Any predictions on what will happen to the Atlantics?

  5. Well, Cooper Tires and Mazda have reiterated their commitment, as have the 20 drivers showing up to testing next week. If the series can not only survive, but thrive this year. (pick up some more sponsors for teams, get some good press, etc…) then I think it has a chance to weather the storm.

    Of course there are things working against them:
    They are now a feeder series on a ladder to nowhere. Ladder limbo if you will, with no direct link to the top tier of American open wheel.

    If they are smart they will add an oval package and piggy back on a few IndyCar events to keep their drivers viable to the top tier teams otherwise they are going to lose talent to the IPS series as that is a more direct route to the big show. (JR Hildebrand is probably not the last driver we will see jumping this year)

    Then there is the whim of the billionaires.
    I would hope they are securing funding and leadership aside from GF & KK, lest they decide they’ve had enough of this too, and get out.

    to summarize… this is not a rest on your laurels “whew, we dodged a bullet there” year. This is a buckle down and do some serious leg work and secure the future, do or die, kind of year.

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