another good read…

Mr. Miller lays out what needs to happen.

Funnily enough I made a comment to someone this week comparing TG to BE with regards to the folks refusing to watch or support because of their blind hatred for George. (ya ya, I know the cars are shit too, but they are slatted to be changed so that’s a moot point) I’ve not met or heard of one person who thinks Ecclestone is the bees knees, and yet they all still watch F1.

Can’t find anything to dissect in the article, except maybe this line: (which I’m sure if clarified, means something different than how it reads)

George might not be the ideal choice to lead as much as he might be the only choice.

That should keep the RM haters spinning in a little tizzy for a day or two. (you know damn well they will ignore the rest of the article and focus on that one thing in true myopic fashion)

2 responses to “another good read…

  1. I’d truly like to see who the TG haters would nominate to run the unified series that a) wants to do it and b) has the Bernie-style ability to elevate the sport before I hear even another word about what a dipstick loser TG is.

    Most of the best candidates in my book wouldn’t do it even if they were paid to.

    TG has some good people coming over from Champ Car who AREN’T car owners that he could really lean on for ideas and strategies. Maybe if he’s smart he’ll hire Vicki away from Atlantics after 2008, and while I’d hate it for the Atlantics I’d love it for IndyCar…

  2. Now now… don’t you realize it’s much easier to just blindly hate than put any logical thought into it.

    (after a quick perusal of the usual spots, the haters didn’t disappoint)

    I’m hoping that a few more of the CC cast offs (who are not owners, or SJ) make their way over and positively influence the unified series.

    Vicki is amazing, but me thinks she is going to have her hands full stabilizing the series she has worked so hard to create and build.

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