Gee Tony… how do you really feel?

Dayum… think that’s gonna leave big hole in his wallet?
Thing is he isn’t the only one who had words to say about the shitty tires this year. Others just chose less obvious words…or were more clever (sarcastic) in their delivery.
(I like the bad boys who speak their mind, (duh!) so I applaud his candor)

So, being new to the whole Nascar thing, is there always so much drama?
Fines and suspensions seem to be a weekly event, the norm rather than the exception.

I can certainly see where the WWE reputation comes from. It does come off as rather soap opera-ish.


10 responses to “Gee Tony… how do you really feel?

  1. Always drama…It’s always amusing when the race winner(or team) gets caught cheating and loses race points and/or $$, but never the victory. Maybe it’s just my naivety as to how it all works.
    On a sad note, I read on that Derrick Walker is not going to field a car(s) in the IRL this year. What a shame; I’ve always pulled for underdogs like him and Dayle Coyne.

  2. Ya, that is odd that they still get credit for the win. Seems a pretty empty Victory if you have to cheat to attain it…

    As for Walker, well, I’ve yet to blog about that yet, but I wouldn’t put Derrick in the same category of Coyne. Coyne has run for years in CC with nary a sponsor nor partner, and had his drivers scooped from him several times, but do you hear the man complain or take it to the media? nope.
    Coyne is class personified, and doesn’t have any splinters on his ass from straddling the fence as Mr. Walker has… just sayin is all…

  3. In regards to the Walker Team. I think I this wrote before, there is inside talk that there are many hidden costs and I think Walker many be one of the first of many to have found out and stop the IRL team effort.
    If there are any more than two transferred CCWS teams remaining after May, I will be surprised.

  4. So where is the Walker blog?

  5. LOL! Sorry, have to tend to other stuff first!! Geesh… demanding much??? 😉

  6. The reason I gave up on the tin tops in the mid-1980’s after a 25 years following is that the series turned into a WWF, afternoon soap opera and all the cars turning into intake restricted, jellybean shaped, low drafting effect pods causing the real drafting to disappear from the fun. This “buddy” thing if for the birds. Win your own race not the one where your “buddy” sticks his car in your butt.
    Oh, how long can the public be ignorant to the fact that all the cars are rear wheel drive and do not represent anything sold at the dealer?

  7. It’s the ADD thing. 🙂

  8. I have no reference point as I only started pseudo paying attention recently. Hell, until last year I didn’t realize that the car wasn’t actually a “car”. I had never been up close to one until Vegas. That’s when I realized that all the details were nothing but stickers! LOL!

    You do know they have Canadian tin tops, right?

  10. not sure about the top per say, but the body work is not ”tin”, but fiberglass in Canadian Nascar 😉

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