ugh… where to start!

I was going to do an entire entry on the drama that is Derrick Walker, but there was a mini rush of press releases in the last couple of days, so I guess I should touch on all of them (in my own unique way of course…) 😉

Conquest forms “technical partnership” (open wheel’s new catch phrase it seems) with Forsythe Racing Inc.

Translated: Uncle Jerry gets to play with the new toys and gather valuable data without committing or jeopardizing his precious fan allocated “principles”.

On the bright side, I hope this means that the FCR crew gets utilized and retains their employment past Long Beach.  I also foresee an FCR (or FRI?) entry for the 495 in May.

Walker Racing pulls out of IndyCar for 2008

Translated: I was so busy hoping the fence, talking out of both sides of my face for months and pulling splinters out of my ass, that I didn’t notice I no longer had a partner or a driver.

Gimme a break. Hey, I like Derrick, but come on. Who was fooling who here? Since all of the whispers behind the scenes started, lead ironically by some of his own quotes late in the season last year, all of the press from that team post 07 was coming from “Walker Racing” instead of Bam Media under the name of Team Australia. That was like shining a big spotlight on the trouble in paradise. Red flag number 2 was the no show in Sebring. Come on… how dumb do these people think we are? Now Walker is out for 08… or is he? After an “oh woe is me” essay on his site,  he received a plethora of support he says (both emotional and financial apparently) So now a second essay/update has him changing his tune a little with regards to the money owed and his participation in IndyCar.  I am curious about the 1.5 million allegedly owed to him by Gore… Observation: Walker seems to always have his hand out for money, but does he put any in? I have to believe there is more to the story behind the scenes. It doesn’t make sense that someone would stiff someone in such a large and public fashion and stick around! Speaking of which…

Team Australia/Will Power form technical partnership (there it is again!) with KV Racing Technology (who??)

Translated: Well, if we’re gonna be the two most hated men in the paddock, we might as well be in the same pit box where we can share some wine! (worst wine EVER btw… seriously, I’ve had more palatable vinegar! but thats a rant for another day)

Again, I fall back to there must be more to the back story on the money owed and the relationship with Walker, or else the man (Gore) would just disappear into the shadows. (much like I know there is more behind the scenes where KK is concerned, thus my angry vitriol towards him isn’t quite as intense as some) Soap opera storyline aside, I’ll be curious to see this team in action this year. The symbiotic set up with Ganassi, Jimmy as driver coach, Servia/Power as team mates, this really could be fun to watch their climb through the field.

Minardi Team USA pulls out of 2008 IndyCar Season

Translated: I’m no longer receiving KK bucks (another of those worst kept secrets), nor am I needed to act as a “symbol” of the strength and appeal of Champ Car, so I’m going to fade into the shadows again.

Co-Owner Keith Wiggins has stated that he is continuing with the team, going back to the familiar HVM moniker. Seems he is ok with the reality of not being competitive out of the gate (the reason cited by Stoddart for his withdrawal 😉 ) Athough if he is smart/lucky enough and retains Robert Doornbos, I think they will get a handle on the car by mid season. (and reap the rewards of taking the chance this year rather than waiting for next year)

Ok… I think that catches me up with all of the news that came trickling into my mailbox in the last 24 hrs.  I have other tidbits of information and thoughts… some I can share… some I can’t… (at least right now), but for now… I’m fighting off a cold and am tired… so it’s time to shut the lid on the laptop for the night…


5 responses to “ugh… where to start!

  1. Meesh I hope you had a good nights sleep and feel better.
    So what has become of the Walker Team personal?
    What has become of the Walker Team equipment?
    Has Walker looked for job openings as he indicated?
    Will Manardi go to the ALMS?
    How long will it take to train Robert Doornbos on ovals?
    These and many others are on our continuing growing and overwhelming list of questions for 2008 and beyond.
    Any answers? Anyone? Hellooooooooooooo!!!

  2. One other observation.
    I noticed you jumped back to open-wheel.
    Is this a Sybil thing happening?

  3. Some Walker guys are finding much happier times in ALMS.

    Meesh I hope you fair better with this cold then I have. Been 3 weeks now and and I still can not shake it. It has been the worst cold of my life.

    Get some rest and thanks for the news!

  4. I never replied on the whole Walker & Coyne deal but you are right; Walker is much of a fence sitter(but I like him anyway). Coyne seems to be a great guy and I wish him the absolute best this year. I think the teams that partake in 2008 will click(hopefully) by mid-season. Now I’m starting to think I should consider making the 4 hour trek to Denton, TX for the TMS race this summer. I’m just sayin’

    Stick with open wheel. I think Neckcar peaked a couple of years ago and the peeps are starting to yawn. Thank goodness there are guys like Tony Stewart to ruffle some feathers.

  5. Just trying to make contact again with Kevin Kalkhoven, whom I had the pleasure to work with all too briefly in 1968.

    If you can pass this message and my email to him, I’d be glad to hear from him again.

    Also wish him all the best for Indie 2008!

    many thanks

    Bill Musker

    Westbourne, West Sussex, England

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